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2023 JAMB Syllabus

2023–2024 JAMB Syllabus for all subjects

On this website, every subject has been thoroughly uploaded.

Agriculture Science, Arabic, and Art

  1. Biology
  2. Knowledge of Christian Religion (CRK)
  3. Chemistry

7. Commerce, 8. Economics, and 9. French

  1. Geography \s11. Government \s12. Hausa
  1. History 14. Domestic Science
    IGBO JAMB Syllabus 15.

Islamic Studies 16 JAMB Curriculum

  1. Literature \s18. Mathematics
  1. Music 20. Physics 21. Accounting principles

Yoruba, 22. English use, and 23.

1 JAMB Syllabus for All Subjects in the 2023–2024 UTME, published by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
1.1 The JAMB Syllabus for All Subjects for 2023
1.2 How to Pass JAMB 2023 with a Minimum Score of 350

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1.2.3. Plan strategically 1.2.4. Practice time management

Legal Aspects of Business 2.3 15. Information and Communication Technology 2.2 Elements of Marketing 2.2 (ICT)

Business Environment and Social Responsibility, section 2.4
2.6 To learn more about JAMB, read the posts that are related to it.

  1. Purchase the Best Study Resources 1.2.6 6. AVOID DELAYS AND PREPARED AHEAD
  2. September 1, 2022 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Syllabus for Commerce 2023 Through Jabulani Imka Submit a Comment
  3. JAMB Syllabus for Commerce 2023 | Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board
  4. 1.1 1. Commerce 1.2 2. Occupation 1.3 3. Production 1.4 5. Purchase and Sale of Goods 1.5 6. Aids-to-Trade 1.7 7. Business Units 1.8 8. Financing Business 1.9 9. Trade Associations 1.10 10. Money 1.11 12. Elements of Business Management 2 11. Stock Exchange
  5. Business Subjects: Meaning and scope; characteristics; attributes; attributes; functions Objectives:

The following skills are required of candidates: I distinguishing between commerce and other related fields; (ii) describing the characteristics of commerce;

(iii) List the purposes of commerce.

  1. Career Topics:

Meaning and significance I
(ii) Forms (industrial, commercial, and services)
(iii) Elements that influence career choice


Candidates should be able to: I Explain the significance of their chosen profession;

(ii) Compare the various occupations; (iii) pinpoint the elements influencing the choice of profession.

  1. Production-Related Topics

I Elements, traits, and benefits (land, labour, capital, and entrepreneur)
(ii) Specialization and the Division of Labor
Types (iii) (primary, secondary and tertiary)


Candidates should be able to: I recognize the factors of production and their rewards; (ii) understand the difference between specialization and the division of labor;

(iii) Sort the different production categories.

  1. Trade Subjects

A. Home Trade I Retail trade: – Retailer types – Retailer roles

Factors to take into account while establishing a retail business – Retailing trends (branding, self -service, vending machines, the use of luncheon, fuel vouchers, etc)
– Benefits and drawbacks of retailers

(ii) Wholesale trade: – Different types of wholesalers (merchant, agent, general, etc.) – Their roles – Their benefits and drawbacks

b. Foreign commerce

I Basic concerns in international commerce (balance of trade, balance of payments, and counter trade)
Documents and procedures used in export, import, and intraport commerce (ii) International trade barriers

(iv) The function of the Customs and Excise Authority, the Ports Authority, etc. in international trade


Candidates should be able to: I compare the different types of retailers; (ii) recognize the roles that retailers play; (iii) highlight the factors that go into setting up a retail business; (iv)

categorize contemporary retailing practices; and (v) recognize the benefits and drawbacks of the retail industry.

(vi) categorize the different kinds of wholesalers; (vii) talk about the roles that wholesalers play; (viii) list the benefits and drawbacks of the intermediary;

(ix) examine the fundamental concerns in international commerce;
(x) Describe the processes and documentation involved in international trade; (xi) list the obstacles to trade;
(Xii) evaluate how government agencies contribute to international trade

  1. Goods Purchase and Sale

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