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2023 Post-UTME Exam Format for Nigerian Universities

2023 Post-UTME Exam Format for Nigerian Universities
2023 Post-UTME Exam Format

You must be familiar with the Post-UTME format of the school to which you are applying.

The format of the Post-UTME exam is a screening test. It has to do with the screening exam’s quantity of questions and subject pairings.

Knowing how to determine the cut-off mark or aggregate score for your preferred institution is essential.

The Post-UTME exam is used to examine and select individuals for admission to universities.

Students who score higher than the cut-off mark for their course of study will be admitted to university.

Some schools hold Post-UTME examinations. Other colleges and universities use an O’level grading system.

Knowing the format of your school’s Post UTME exam can help you prepare for and pass your Post JAMB exam.

Believe me. You don’t want to show up for your Post-UTME screening exams and discover that the exam format has changed.

Getting into your preferred school It is advisable to study post-UTME old questions in order to understand the exam pattern.

In this piece, I will explain the various piece-UTME exam formats for Nigerian universities.

For your screening exams, you will be aware of the question format and subject combinations.

For example, let’s say you are applying to study Medical Laboratory Science at UNN.

Your JAMB subject combination will be the Use of English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

You will write about these subjects in your Post UTME as a student applying to study MLS.

It applies to all the courses at the University of Nigeria.

Exam Format for Post-UTME
The format of the UNN Post-UTME test is sixty (60) questions in one (1) hour.

For each topic combination, you will be asked fifteen (15) questions. That brings the total to sixty questions.

You should read How to Pass the UNN Post-Exam.

UNN Cut-off Point
Simply multiply your JAMB score by 0.6 to get your UNN aggregate score.

Then divide your Post-UTME score by 0.4.

Add both figures together to get your overall score.

Ibadan University (UI)
The University of Ibadan (UI) Post-UTME exam consists of multiple-choice questions.

Many people believe that the UI Post UTME is the most difficult of all Nigerian universities.

It’s because the exam questions are all the same. Furthermore, UI only accepts about 3,000 applicants per year.

The JAMB subject combination is used by Subject Combination UI. It means that your screening exam will cover the same topics as your JAMB exams.

Assume you’re applying to the University of Iowa to study Electrical Engineering.
Use of English, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry will be your Post-UTME subject combinations.
Exam Format for Post-UTME

The test structure at the University of Ibadan (UI) is 100 questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

For each topic combination, you will be asked twenty-five (25) questions.

You must learn how to prepare for and pass the University of Iowa Post-UTME exam.

Determine the UI Aggregate Score
To compute your UI aggregate score, multiply your JAMB score by eight (8) and your Post-UTME score by two (2).

Assume you have a JAMB score of 256 and a Post-UTME score of 67, for example.
JAMB = 256/8 = 32

Post-UTME = 67/2 = 33.5 Total = 65.5
The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is located in Lagos, Nigeria.
The first-choice university is the University of Lagos (UNILAG). Applicants take Post-UTME exams at the school.

Aspirants for UNILAG take the screening exam online or on campus. It is dependent on the approach used by the school to assess students.

Delta State University (DELSU) Delta State University (DELSU) conducts the Post UTME exam for prospective students.

DELSU was one of the first schools to hold screening tests. Because of their intense academic schedule.
Combination of Topics

English Language, General Paper, and Qualitative Reason are the subject combinations for DELSU Post UTME.

DELSU Post-UTME Examination Format
The DELSU Post-UTME format consists of fifty (50) general paper questions, twenty (25) English Language questions, and twenty (25) qualitative reasoning questions, all of which are timed for one hour.
Determine the DELSU Aggregate Score

To get your DELSU aggregate score, divide your JAMB cut-off mark by 8.

Divide your Post-UTME score by two (2).

Add your two scores together to get your total score.

UNIPORT Post UTME is a competitive CBT exam for admission candidates at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

For JAMBites, the exam is extremely important. It determines whether or not you are admitted to the University of Port Harcourt.

CBT is the exam format for the UNIPORT Post-UTME.

You will have 30 minutes to answer 50 questions.

The format of the questions consists of your JAMB subject combination plus mathematics and quantitative reasoning.

University of Nnamdi Azikiwe (UNIZIK)
The format of the UNIZIK Post UTME has changed throughout time.
UNIZIK either employs the O’level grading system or administers the Post-UTME test.

In the Post-UTME exam, you will answer your four (4) JAMB combinations.

The exam lasts one (1) hour and consists of fifty (50) questions.

Owerri Federal University of Technology
The FUTO Post UTME format is your four JAMB subject combination plus Biology.

English Physics Chemistry Biology
You must answer five questions about each of the five topics.

Each question is worth eight (8) points.

The FUTO Post UTME examination has around 400 candidates.

ABU Zaria (University of Zaria)
It’s like starting again with JAMB preparation. But in a smarter way this time.

The post-UTME syllabus at ABU Zaria is the same as the JAMB syllabus.

ABOUT ABU ZARIA The post-UTME format is the same as the JAMB format.

That is, you will take the same subjects as your JAMB.

It consists of 60 questions every hour and fifteen (15) questions for each of your subject combinations.

University of Imo

English, Mathematics, and Current Affairs are the Post-UTME subjects at IMSU.

The amount of questions for each subject is as follows:

English Language – 20 Math – 10 Current Events – 10
The exam will last 30 minutes.

Lokoja Federal University (FULOKOJA)
The format of the FULOKOJA Post UTME exam is the same as the JAMB subject combination.

This implies you will write the identical subject as you did in your main JAMB exam.

Calabar University (UNICAL)
For the screening exam, the University of Calabar administers a computer-based test.

The UNICAL Post JAMB exam follows the same style and subject mix as your JAMB exam.English, Mathematics, and Current Affairs are the Post-UTME subjects at IMSU.

The amount of questions for each subject is as follows:

English Language – 20 Math – 10 Current Events – 10

For the screening exam, the University of Calabar administers a computer-based test.

The UNICAL Post JAMB exam follows the same style and subject mix as your JAMB exam.
You will have 90 minutes to answer a hundred (100) questions.

Divide your JAMB score by 8 to get your UNICAL aggregate score.

Divide your Post-UTME score by two (2) to get your total score.

For example, suppose you get a JAMB score of 302 and a Post-UTME score of 76.

JAMB = 302/8 = 37.6 Post UTME = 75/2 = 38 Total = 75.5

Your selected five (5) O’level subject grades will give 50%.

For example, A1 in five (5) subjects will give you ten (10) points each (10×5=50).

FUNAI (Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo) conducts a computer-based test (CBT) for her Post-UTME screening examination.
The FUNAI Post-UTME exam covers the same topics as the JAMB exam.

The Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) conducts online Post-UTME screening using your JAMB result and five (5) relevant themes from your O’level.

Your chosen five (5) O’level subject grades will be worth 50% of your final grade.

For example, an A1 in five (5) topics will gain you ten (10) points each (105=50).

Because your JAMB UTME result will be divided by 8, 400 divided by 8 equals 50%.

English 20 General Paper 15 Redeemer University

Mathematics 20 Special topic 20 Ila-Orangun Federal University of Health Sciences
Candidates can only log in once, therefore just one session is permitted. As a result, you should only log in when you are ready to take the exam. Noise, interference, and external movements log out a candidate, so disqualifying that applicant, hence the atmosphere must be peaceful, tranquil, and private.
Because the algorithm compares your passport to the video recorded, you must use a computer with a webcam.

Ensure that your internet connection is constant and powerful during the assessment.
Throughout your time at university, your uploaded passport will serve as your official passport.

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