Post-UTME Guide

How to apply for Post-UTME, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City

How to apply for Post-UTME

Title: A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Post-UTME at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City


Congratulations on taking the first step towards pursuing your dreams of a career in medicine! The University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, is a prestigious institution renowned for its excellence in medical education and research. To secure admission into this esteemed university, you must successfully navigate the Post-UTME application process. In this article, i will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you through the application process and increase your chances of gaining admission.

How to apply

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the Post-UTME at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. As an applicant, you must have chosen the university as your first choice during your JAMB UTME registration and have a minimum score as specified by the university. It’s essential to thoroughly check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office to confirm your eligibility status.

Step 2: Obtain the Post-UTME Application Form

Once you’ve verified your eligibility, the next step is to obtain the Post-UTME application form. The form can usually be purchased online through the university’s official website or in designated banks and registration centers. Carefully follow the instructions provided on the university’s website to complete the application process successfully.

Step 3: Gather Required Documents

Before starting the application process, ensure you have all the necessary documents at hand. Commonly required documents include:

a. Original JAMB UTME result slip. b. O’Level result (WAEC, NECO, or equivalent) with at least five credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics, English, and relevant science subjects. c. Birth certificate or age declaration. d. Passport-sized photographs.

Step 4: Fill out the Application Form

Take your time to fill out the application form accurately and provide all the required information. Double-check your entries to avoid errors. Some of the details you may be required to provide include personal information, contact details, academic history, and course of study.

Step 5: Pay the Application Fee

After filling out the application form, you’ll be prompted to pay the required Post-UTME application fee. The payment can usually be made online using various payment methods such as debit/credit card or through designated bank branches. Always ensure you obtain a payment receipt as proof of payment.

Step 6: Print Confirmation Page

Once you’ve completed the payment process, print the confirmation page. This page serves as evidence that you have successfully applied for the Post-UTME screening.

Step 7: Check for Screening Date and Venue

The University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, will announce the date and venue for the Post-UTME screening on their official website and other communication channels. Ensure to regularly check for updates, and make preparations to be present on the specified date.

Step 8: Prepare for the Screening Exercise

As the screening date approaches, it’s crucial to adequately prepare for the examination. Review your JAMB and relevant O’Level subjects to refresh your memory. Familiarize yourself with the University of Medical Sciences’ exam pattern and syllabus, if available. Adequate preparation will boost your confidence and performance on the day of the screening.


Applying for the Post-UTME at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, is a significant step towards fulfilling your aspirations in the medical field. By following this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you can smoothly navigate the application process and enhance your chances of gaining admission to this prestigious institution. Remember to stay updated with the university’s official website and announcements to avoid missing any vital information. Best of luck in your academic journey!

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