the page offers the following : A scholarship is a form of financial aid given to a student based on specific criteria, typically academic merit. They may be determined by a number of eligibility factors, including needs, origin nation or region, gender, subject of study, race, etc. Since a scholarship is not a debt, it is not required to be repaid.
Scholarships are an excellent way to help students finish their education, mainly in higher education. They are given out to relieve current and former students, as well as their families, of a sizable portion of the considerable financial obligations associated with higher education. Scholarships are given out by many organizations and bodies for undergraduate and graduate study in colleges, universities, and other academic institutions.provide you with information about international Scholarships for International students,
Undergraduate Scholarships, Master degree Scholarships, … these scholarships generally cover all or most courses offered by the University and the requirements of how to apply for this scholarships with those eligible for it

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