general tech

Any public terminal or public terminal component produced during the BASE PERIOD by LICENSEE using any of the GENERAL TECHNOLOGIES is referred to as a “ITEM SUBJECT TO FEE.”General Technology is anything related to the Devices that is known to the Sellers as of the Closing Date but does not include TFA Technology, such as trade secrets, information, know-how, show-how, processes, process parameters, methods, practices, designs, fabrication techniques, technical plans, compilations, creations, data, algorithms, programs, documentation, and the like.
Any innovation, discovery, advancement, or creation—whether patentable or not—that was not already known to the acquiring agency at the time the contract went into effect is referred to as new technology. This includes, but is not limited to, new manufacturing processes, emerging technologies, machinery, and upgrades to or new uses for existing manufacturing processes, machinery, products, and software. New processes, machines, manufactures, and software are also covered, as are improvements to or new uses of existing processes, machines, manufactures, and software. This applies to both copyrightable and non-copyrightable computer programs.
All inventions, whether patentable or not and whether or not reduced to practice, including designs, formulas, algorithms, procedures, methods, discoveries, processes, techniques, ideas, know-how, research and development, technical data, tools, materials, specifications, processes, apparatus, creations, improvements, works of authorship in any media, confidential, proprietary or nonpublic information, and other similar materials, are considered to be part of technology.

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