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Clinical encounters

Clinical encounters

With clinical rotations at UT Health San Antonio’s extensive network of healthcare partners, nursing students receive first-hand care. ​​​​​​

Positioning possibilities
A wide range of teaching-learning clinical experiences are readily available to staff and students in all departments because to the more than 400 active clinical agency contracts that are located within a 60-mile radius of the university. By exposing students to various organizational entities representing both large and small health care delivery systems with patients representing a variety of health promotion and health restoration or disease management needs, this extensive selection of clinical agencies offers rich teaching and learning opportunities across all degree programs. There are options for worldwide nursing experiences in addition to these local or regional ones.

Clinical Encounters in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Bachelor’s Degree Program
Undergraduate students get the chance to take part in more cutting-edge clinical models. Strong relationships between the School of Nursing and two nearby hospitals—Methodist Hospital System and Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital—have led to the establishment of specialized teaching units (DEU) inside the institutions. By working together, the staff and students in this approach can maximize learning. Staff nurses are referred to as “lead teachers” since they work closely with pupils. Clinical faculty coordinators from the school of nursing work with the staff nurses to support them in their function as clinical lead teachers. The DEU culture encourages respect for one another, better communication, and tight teamwork, which results in a productive learning environment for students. satisfaction scores for patients, employees, Students learn how nurses care for patients and build confidence at the Center for Simulation Innovation (CSI), where a variety of low, medium, and high fidelity mannequins that are programmed to simulate human reactions to healthcare interventions, task trainers, and healthcare equipment are employed. This center serves as an extension of the lecture hall and offers a space where students can put into practice the ideas and methods necessary for providing quality nursing care. It is required of the students taking part in CSI events that they arrive properly prepared for each encounter. Students must have finished all required texts, watched all prescribed videos, and responded to all quiz questions from the study guide. The laboratory is where students are supposed to practice their participation.

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The School of Nursing expects that after participating in the CSI, students will have a better awareness of the concepts behind diverse approaches and the principles that underlie each one. Yet, students won’t be required to have mastered the skills. Students will practice often on their own, which is the only way to perfect a skill.

based on research internship
With Methodist Hospital System, the School of Nursing offers an internship program based on scientific research. Through a highly rigorous interview procedure, students in the 8th semester of the Conventional and Accelerated tracks are given the chance to finish their academic work in conjunction with internship hours, easing the transition to practice. 260 hours of internship are completed by students on the same unit and under the same preceptor as their academic clinicals, resulting in a seamless learning environment and a quicker onboarding process once they are hired by Methodist following graduation.

clinical versus scientific distinction
Via extracurricular activities, undergraduate students in the program can achieve clinical or research distinction. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Clinical Volunteer Distinction (BSN-CVD) honors nursing students who show a strong dedication to enhancing their academic experience with voluntarily participating in faculty-mentored clinical activities.

Finding scholarly areas of interest that apply interdisciplinary clinical practice and may inspire future research projects is the aim of this experiential learning. Early in their UT Health SON careers, students are highly encouraged to think about applying for the distinction, as it may support a successful application for graduate school and nursing residency programs. To provide an unbiased assessment of merit for the distinction, requirements for earning it are provided.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Research Distinction honors the important work that undergraduate nursing students are doing to advance nursing science and their academic and professional careers. The BSN with Research Distinction program, spearheaded by the Department of Education-funded Summer Undergraduate Nursing Research Immersion Experience (SUNRISE) program, gives graduating BSN students an edge when applying to graduate programs and the job market. Nursing students who exhibit a committed dedication to enhancing their nursing education through independent research while upholding excellent academic standards throughout nursing school are recognized with this honor.

Masters Programs
Preceptors from the community and hospitals who work with graduate students in a variety of settings are closely partnered with the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing arranges each precepted experience. Clinical experiences are track-specific and customized for the learning needs of each individual student. The student and the personnel at the Office for Academic Affairs collaborate to choose the most suitable clinical placements.

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