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CRS is a subject that that you need to credit so as to get admmission into most of your dream courses

The best way to study for your exam and earn a high mark is to follow the JAMB syllabus.

The JAMB CRS syllabus also includes goals for each subject. You need to be aware of these goals for every subject you study.

The whole list of subjects covered by the JAMB CRS syllabus is included in this post.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment area.

JAMB Syllabus from The Division of the Kingdom to CRS Creation
A Man After God’s Own Heart Leadership Capabilities Divine Protection, Guidance, and Providence
Disobedience vs. Obedience
parent-child relationship
The Promise
The authority of God

Division of the Kingdom to The Prophets and The Return from Exile
Belief in Judah
Faith, bravery, and defense

Nineveh’s Message from God
Greed and Its Consequences
sanctity and the divine call
Penalty and Hope
Judah’s religious reforms
Justice for All, the Real Religion, and Divine Love
God’s Supreme Authority
Selected Letters
Christian Altruism
Living as a Christian in Your Community
Christians as Christ’s Co-Heirs
Civic Engagement

Workplace Dignity Effective Prayer Forgiveness

Humility \sImpartiality
Faith-based justification
Fresh Start in Christ
amoral sexual behavior
Religious Gifts

Rules and Grace
Christ’s Second Coming
The Acts of the Apostles and the Four Gospels Discipleship
Communal Life in the Early Church
Teachings of Jesus About Himself Love Miracles
The Disciples’ objective
mission among the foreigners
opposition to the message of the gospel
Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount, Appearances, and Ascension
Jesus Christ’s Temptation and Baptism
Jesus’ birth and early years
The Great Admittance

The Church’s Mission and the Holy Spirit
Lenten Supper
Jesus’ Parables

When I Was Transfigured
The Crucifixion and Trials of Jesus
The triumphant entry and the temple’s cleansing
JAMB Textbooks to Read for CRS
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I. O. Adeyemo and others (1998) Onibonoje Adeyinka, A. A. et al., Christian Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools Books 1–3, Ibadan (1991) Lagos: Longman, Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools, Book 1–3.
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THE BIBLE: Stonechill Green: Bible Society Publishing House, Revised Standard Version (1971).

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