Elon Musk is expected to surpass all other influencers on Twitter.

His account, @ElonMusk, already has 120 million followers, placing it second only to the former US president @BarackObama’s 130 million followers.

And after a sharp spike in the month since he purchased Twitter, statisticians at Social Blade predict that Mr. Musk’s will eventually surpass.

It will be a moment like no other.

The social media sector has never previously encountered a platform with a CEO who doubles as the platform’s most recognizable face.

What will it mean for Mr. Musk and Twitter if he takes on dual roles as CEO and “chief influencer” of the social media platform?

Three significant statistics have been the subject of professional consultation by BBC News.

Despite recent controversy, Mr. Musk continues to have unquestionable and rising popularity on Twitter.

According to Social Blade, he has acquired followers on average of 268,303 every day over the past 12 months and lost followers only five times, all of which may be attributed to news events.

When Twitter announced significant job layoffs on November 12, he lost approximately 200,000 followers. However, as he also likely gained new followers on that day, the actual number of unfollowers must have been significantly higher.

The main persona on Twitter right now is Elon Musk, according to social media analyst Matt Navarra.

“Having a CEO with significant platform impact has certain benefits since it makes him more approachable to people,”

Very few social media CEOs have a significant impact on their own websites.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, is also well-known, but according to Mr. Navarra, he rarely writes on Facebook and the tone of his messages leans more toward business.

Being intimately linked to Mr. Musk, a contentious figure, might cause Twitter problems.

According to Mr. Navarra, “He is quite combative, provocative, and, some may even say, pretty toxic.” And he might be viewed as potentially very harmful by brands. Consultant for emerging technologies Kate Baucherel says: “Any neutrality or diversity is compromised by incorporating the CEO’s personality into the platform’s personality. The world is not represented by a white male US citizen.”

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