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Evolution Theories & Definition

Evolution Theories & Definition

Evolution Theories & Definition
Evolution Theories & Definition

Organic evolution is the process by which species of organisms change over time through natural selection, genetic drift, and other mechanisms. In other words, it is the gradual development and diversification of living things on Earth.

There are several theories that explain how organic evolution occurs, but the most widely accepted is the theory of evolution by natural selection. This theory, developed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in the 19th century, states that species evolve over time in response to changes in their environment, and that those individuals with advantageous traits are more likely to survive and reproduce than those without those traits. Over many generations, this process leads to the development of new species and the extinction of others.

Other theories that explain organic evolution include:

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  1. Lamarckism: This theory, proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, suggests that organisms can inherit traits that they acquire during their lifetime, and that these acquired traits can be passed on to their offspring.
  2. Genetic drift: This theory suggests that the random fluctuations of gene frequencies in small populations can lead to changes in the genetic makeup of a species over time.
  3. Mutationism: This theory proposes that evolution occurs through sudden, large-scale mutations rather than through the gradual accumulation of small changes.

Overall, organic evolution is a complex and ongoing process that involves multiple mechanisms and factors, and continues to be a topic of intense study and research in the field of biology.

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