Fully funded Abel Visiting Scholar Program for 2023–2024

funded programs

Abel Visiting Scholar Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for academics from disadvantaged nations to visit an international research partner for one month while receiving full funding. The most gifted and brilliant individuals are invited to participate in this fully financed research program, which will help them develop their research skills while collaborating with internationally renowned mentors. Scholars from underdeveloped nations can think creatively and employ a variety of methods throughout this one-month study program to produce amazing research findings.

The Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union oversees the Abel Visiting Scholarship Program, which is supported by the Abel Prize in Mathematics. Because three grants are typically available for up to a year, researchers are given the chance to continue their post-doctoral study through this fully supported program three times per year. Competent students can apply three times in one year through the Abel Prize Scholars program to be considered for this fully funded opportunity for one month.

The post-doctoral mathematicians who are just starting their professional careers are the target audience for the research scholarship program. The program is designed to give participants the chance to take a “research sabbatical.” For mathematicians who want to maintain a strong research program in addition to their teaching and other academic responsibilities, this research sabbatical is an essential addition. Due to the shortage of funding in this discipline, there aren’t many fully supported possibilities for mathematicians, making this one among the most anticipated and distinguished options for researchers.The International Mathematical Union and the Commission for Developing Countries are dedicated to addressing the financing gap experienced by mathematicians in the research community. According to CDC, there are abundant resources in mathematics in the poor countries that should be utilized. A yearly award is offered in the form of scholarships for mathematicians in order to carry out the purpose and allow mathematicians to conduct free research overseas. The mathematicians of the world will also establish an international network through this fully financed Post-Doc research program, which would be hardly impossible otherwise. This exceptional international chance is thus not one that should be passed up at all.

funded programs
funded programs

2023–2024 Abel Visiting Scholar Program:

Financed By:

Abel Award
In charge of:

The International Mathematical Union’s Commission for Developing Countries offers Short Training level programs through the Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2023–24 – Fully Funded.

The following topics are available for study under this scholarship program.


Benefits of the Abel Visiting Scholar Program in terms of scholarships include:

You will receive a return ticket in economy class.
After producing the receipts, all local transportation expenses from the residence to the airport and from the airport to the study location will be repaid.
You won’t have to pay the Visa fee.
Health insurance for the fellow will be paid for.
The cost of living in the host nation will be covered by a monthly stipend. Depending on the current cost of living, the stipend will differ from one country or location to another.
For a month, all of the mathematicians will receive complimentary housing.
50% of the total amount due before departure and the remaining 50% due after departure will be paid for all of the aforementioned expenses in two installments.

Nationalities Eligible: Students from developing nations may apply.

Eligibility requirements for the Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2023–24 are as follows:

At the time of application, the candidate must be based in a developing nation.
The applicant must hold a Ph.D. at the time of application.
The applicant must hold a position at a university or research organization.
The applicants must be employed part-time in any university or institution on a contract; nevertheless, they cannot be full-time professionals.
Early-career professionals who were under 35 at the application deadline are required to apply.
If the candidates have a broken career pattern, their ages may be relaxed by up to three years. The candidates, however, must be able to demonstrate.

Mathematicians of color are especially encouraged to apply.
Application Methodology:
The Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2023–24 Application Process

Each candidate must use the online application portal to submit their application.
In their applications, candidates must provide an explanation of their research projects.
A list of the researchers the candidates desire to work with is requested from them.
Candidates must submit a statement from their employer, who must sign and date it, detailing their current work status or position within their home institution. The declaration must follow the prescribed format. The statement’s sample is provided.
A form for a tentative budget must be filled out by the contenders.
The applicants must combine all necessary paperwork into a single PDF file to be uploaded into the online portal.

CDC Scholarship Documents Required 2023–2024:

a revised resume.
Visit research statement

a formal invitation issued by the overseas research partner’s university.
a letter of support from the foreign research partner or a declaration that the host has approved the research proposal
a scan of the doctorate certificate.
a statement from the current employer that has been signed and stamped.
Estimated cost of the research project.

Deadlines for Abel Visiting Scholar Program applications:

for trips made between January 1 and April 30, 2023, August 31, 2022
for trips made between May 1 and August 31, 2023, December 31, 2022

for trips between September 1 and December 31, 2023, April 30, 2023

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