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History syllabus 2023 jamb

History syllabus 2023 jamb
History syllabus 2023 jamb

The JAMB History syllabus also includes goals for every subject. You need to be aware of these goals for every subject you study.
The best way to study for your exam and earn a high mark is to follow the JAMB syllabus.
History of Africa and the World Since 1800 JAMB Syllabus

The nineteenth-century Ethiopia
Great Trek
A Mfecane
Apartheid under the Omani Empire in South Africa
African Colonial Rule Patterns
African nation-building issues
African Occupation by Europe and New Imperialism

The Politics of Decolonization in West Africa and Islamic Reform Movements in Egypt Under Mohammed Ali and Khedive Ismail

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Christian missionary work in West Africa in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and other countries
The Sudanese and Nigerian Mahdi and Mahdiyya Movement, 1900–1960
Colonial Administration Following the Amalgamation Nationalism, Constitutional Developments, and Independence The Amalgamation of 1914
Colonial Rule’s Impact on Social Development
Colonial Economic System
Up to 1914, colonial rule was established.

Since Independence, Nigeria
era of Murtala and Obasanjo
Nigeria’s participation in global organizations

The Abacha Government
The regime of Babangida
The Buhari Government
A Civil War
The Gowon Government
The National Interim Government (Ing)
Military Intervention and First Republic Politics
Following Republic

Nigerian Region 1800–1900
British Conquest of the Nigerian Region in Benin
Igbo Kanem-Borno Nupe’s Penetration & Impact in Europe under Efik
Yorubaland, The Sokoto Caliphate

Nigerian Region Early Centers of Civilization: Economic Activity and State Growth, Up to 1800

Outside Influences
People and Land in the Nigerian Region
Origin and State Formation in the Nigerian Region

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