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How To Get Admission In 2023/2024 With A Low JAMB Score

How To Get Admission In 2023/2024 With A Low JAMB Score
How To Get Admission In 2023/2024 With A Low JAMB Score

You can still get into school this year even with a low JAMB score if you make the proper choice. I’ve highlighted some crucial choices for you to think about below to help you get back on your feet.

How To Get In With A Low JAMB Score: I have a JAMB score between 120 and 170. How can I get in to the institution of my choice?, Is admission feasible with a JAMB score of only 150?which university will accept a low JAMB score?

I’ll walk you through several strategies in this article to help you improve your chances of admission, even with a low JAMB score.
Through JAMB, one of the most popular ways to gain admission to any post secondary institution in Nigeria.

However, despite their best efforts, not every student is able to take the JAMB exam and achieve the results they desire.
I’ll outline all your available options as I demonstrate how you can get accepted despite having a poor JAMB score.
A low JAMB score lowers your chances of getting into the school of your choice. The term “LOW JAMB SCORE” is a relative one.
So now that you know that, a 198 in JAMB may be a good enough score to study fashion design at Auchi Polytechnic but will disqualify you from the UNIBEN Post UTME.

Therefore, any JAMB score that is insufficient for you to get into the school of your choice is low.

The JAMB score range of 120 to 180 is typically considered to be low.

Can I Get Admission If My JAMB Score Is Low?
Yes, even with a low JAMB Score, you can still get admitted to the University.

However, there are some drawbacks to the essential actions you might want to take, such as the possibility that you won’t end up studying the course or attending the university you always wanted.

What To Do If Your JAMB Score Is Low?
These are your possibilities for admission if your JAMB score is poor…

Submit a JAMB change of institution application (to a less prestigious institution).
Examine different JAMB alternatives offered by private universities.
Through polytechnic preparation, achieve high post-UTME scores.

I understand that these points are a little hazy, but don’t worry, I’ll clarify each of them in a moment.

Submit an application for JAMB Change of Course (to a less demanding one).

You may be surprised to learn that a JAMB score of 240 might be considered poor, just as a score of 209 can be considered high. You might think this is implausible, but allow me a chance to explain.

The course you applied to is just one of the numerous elements that go into determining whether a JAMB Score is low or high.

You must achieve a higher JAMB score if the course you’ve applied for is more competitive, right?How does this benefit you as a student with a low JAMB Score, though?

If you scored more than the minimum cutoff point for your school of choice, students like you who are fortunate to have stumbled onto this lovely essay can make good use of this information and apply for JAMB Change of course to a less competitive one.
All you have to do is change the course you applied to to one that is less competitive by following my step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish JAMB Change of course. However, there is no need to apply if the course is not competitive.

Here is a list of programs that will let you enroll even with a low JAMB score.

There is no set sequence for these courses.

. History Language

. animal biology and agriculture
. Mathematics/Statistics

. Botany Theology
. Education in fishing and veterinary medicine

To increase your chances of getting accepted, you can apply to any of the courses mentioned above.

The next strategy you can use to get in with a low JAMB score is to submit an application for JAMB change of institution.

Submit a JAMB change of institution application (to a less prestigious institution).
Yes, you can boost your chances of getting admitted with a low JAMB Score by switching your first school choice to one that is less competitive.
Some universities have a high level of competition, which implies that many students from all around Nigeria apply to study there.

In order to maximize your chances of admission, you must perform well on the JAMB exam if you want to attend any of those selective universities.

If the university you applied to is highly selective, this will likely lower your chances of admission. It’s also possible that you did not achieve the minimal JAMB cut-off grade required to enroll in these programs.
I have compiled a list of Nigeria’s Most Competitive and Least Competitive Universities to help you make your decision.

10 of Nigeria’s Most Competitive Universities
Here is a list of universities that are extremely competitive and won’t let you get in if your JAMB score is low. Based on the number of students who selected these universities in JAMB, this list was created.

Lagos University (UNILAG)
(UNILORIN) University of Ilorin
Ibadan University (UI)

Benin University (UNIBEN)
UNN, the University of Nigeria
Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) and Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
FUTO, the Federal University of Technology, Owerri
Akure Federal University of Technology
Jos University (UNIJOS)
Applying to the universities mentioned above indicates that you are prepared to compete, and in order to achieve this, you must have a strong JAMB Score.

10 of Nigeria’s Most Competitive Universities

Here is a list of universities that don’t have a lot of competition, making it simple for you to get accepted even with a low JAMB score. The number of students who selected these universities in JAMB was taken into account when compiling this list.
Gusau Federal University (FUGUS)
(FUWUKARI) Federal University Wukari

FUOYE, or the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti
(FUNAI) Federal University Ndifu-Alike
Lokoja’s Federal University (FULOKOJA)
FUDMA, or Federal University of Dutsin-Ma
FULAFIA, or Federal University of Lafia
Gashua’s Federal University (FUGASHUA)
University of Usumanu Danfodiyo Sokoto (UDUSOK)
BUK, or Bayero University Kano

Your chances of being admitted with a low JAMB Score will be increased by applying to the universities listed above.

Try an Alternative to JAMB
There are other options besides JAMB that can get you into the university of your choice and the course you wish to take. This approach does not take into account your JAMB score, thus even students who have not yet taken the exam can use it.

You can try these JAMB alternatives:

Joints Matriculation Board (IJMB)
NABTEB A’ Level JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board)

I went into great detail about how to get into school without using JAMB by using these JAMB alternatives.

through means of Private Universities
YES, you can still get admitted to private institutions with a low JAMB score. However, some of these private universities do not enjoy the same amount of public recognition as these public universities, and as a result, relatively few students apply to them.

And you recall what occurs to institutions with a low application pool, correct?

These institutions are relatively uncompetitive due to the low number of applications they receive, thus they are always eager to welcome students with open arms.

The downside is that they are extremely expensive, but if you have the funds to continue, by all means, do so.

Prepare and achieve high post-UTME scores.
This section of How to Get Admission with a Low JAMB Score is my favorite.

Okay, so you didn’t perform well on the JAMB, but fortunately you still met the minimum requirement for admission to your top-choice school. Now what? Why not show yourself that you’re capable of doing better?

How Schools Determine the Overall Score
By multiplying your JAMB score by 8 and your post-UTME score by 2, you may get your aggregate score, which is equal to the sum of your JAMB score by 8 and your post-UTME score by 2.

Consider a student who wants to study pharmacy at UNIBEN who obtained a combined score of 270 in the JAMB exam and 80 in the post-UTME.

270/8 + 80/2 = 33.75 + 40

Thus, the pupil’s overall score was 73.75.

So you can see that your average aggregate score will be higher the higher your JAMB and Post UTME scores. Therefore, doing well in the Post UTME will undoubtedly improve your chances of getting accepted even with a low JAMB Score.

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