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if your joints prevent you from leading a normal life

if your joints prevent you from leading a normal life balm photo
if your joints prevent you from leading a normal life photo

A diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee joint was made for someone. In actuality, it marked a turning point in our life, and at the time, I considered it to be a horrific ordeal. For the following two years, my wife did everything: physical therapy, gels and ointments, even giving up sports and taking various vitamins and nutritional supplements. Everything was in vain. She received no assistance, and we both suffered irreparable damage. I couldn’t believe I was powerless to assist my wife. I was very dissatisfied with our healthcare system, so I made the decision to look into ways to offer my closest friend in the world a long and fulfilling life. I began my inquiry.

You want to take every precaution to prevent it when you understand that your wife won’t be able to walk in a few years. In the fields of physiology, psychosomatics, and biochemistry, I looked at everything directly or indirectly related to joint problems. I nearly spent all of my money to learn the trade secrets of the top African experts in this sector, who unquestionably comprehend patients’ difficulties with joint wear considerably more than we do.

I discovered that by combining specific components, I could create a medication that may relieve articular pain, but I was in for a shock when I discovered that the materials I required weren’t available in Nigeria, so I borrowed some money and got them from Asia. In a month, the required materials showed up, but I was then in for a second shock: nobody wanted to create the required mixture in a lab setting. Thankfully, my university friends came to my rescue. I finally found the appropriate formula three weeks later and handed it to Alicia to test.

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Every day she began to feel better. She went to the store after seven days and bought some food. Her smile, which I much missed, returned. When the testing revealed that Alicia was healthy, it felt too good to be true, and I was ecstatic. It was a genuine triumph.
We were simply living in the present and appreciating it at first. Then, we had the birth of our lovely daughter. Due to the fact that being pregnant puts a lot of strain on the joints, Alicia was quite appreciative.

A woman once inquired about the prevalence of joint discomfort in Nigeria. There were many people who shared the same issue, as we learned from the statistics. In Nigeria, more than a million people suffer from a variety of joint-related illnesses. Then, she posed a question to me that would forever alter the course of my life: “Can you also help other people and make them happy?” I rediscovered my affection for her at that very time. I must admit that meeting this woman was the finest thing that has ever happened to me, and of course, I accepted. I spent almost three years perfecting the formula and developing Arthrazex, the product that people in our nation can buy.

relating to Arthrazex. The basis for Arthrazex is:

Oil from sharks (squalene)

1. Pine oil from Siberia

Oil of eucalyptus

Regrettably, the majority of these substances are not available in our nation, therefore we import them.

Arthrazex’s special formula can assist with:


  1. arthritis
  2. Coxarthritis
  3. Osteoarthritis

to osteochondrosis

the osteochondritis

and osteoporosis

  1. Meniscal damage

osteoarthritis of the knee

if your joints prevent you from leading a normal life balm photo
if your joints prevent you from leading a normal life balm photo

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