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Student Engagement by Connection

Increasing Student Engagement through Meaningful Connection

To establish the perfect classroom atmosphere, remember these five advice on how to gain students’ trust and connect with them:

Always put your heart and soul into your lesson plans. Try to place equal emphasis on getting to know your pupils and providing them with guidance as you do on imparting academic knowledge [17].
Discuss the expectations for the class as a whole at the start of the semester or year. To assist challenging students in achieving their objectives, you can also organize individual meetings [18]

According to studies, storytelling helps strengthen the bonds between teachers and students. To engage pupils, try sharing personal tales in class or making story time a regular event. [19]
Learn how to make compliments that are constructive by using phrases like “excellent job” rather than “your art project”

Consider having your students work on a regional or global issue while enlisting the help of local experts and community members who have firsthand knowledge as important sources of information and perhaps even collaborators in brainstorming, idea evaluation, and concept efficacy prediction. Students could investigate areas where people struggle to find clean drinking water as an example.

Students have the opportunity to learn firsthand about a local person’s experience with themes like their experience immigrating to America or what they went through during a significant event that occurred during their lifetime by including interviews into your curriculum.

Students and nonprofit organizations that have meaningful relationships with one another feel appreciated. During a synchronous lecture, this kind of project can have students working in breakout spaces, allowing the teacher to connect with smaller groups of students. During a complete class discussion that includes feedback and suggestions from the class for improving effectiveness, a representative from the organization may offer criticism of the students’ initial plans.

An individual who can assist us in applying what we have learned in the classroom to the actual world is referred to as a learning partner. Learning partners can inspire pupils with their enthusiasm. A local geologist went above and beyond to make the material students were learning relevant; he also shared his 25-year enthusiasm for the subject. That is truly a gift.


Reaching out to the larger community at this time may be the best way to identify sources of engagement that may boost students’ ownership of their learning. These materials have a fair chance of enhancing both our professional development and level of engagement as educators.

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