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Integrated Pain Management

Integrated Pain Management
Integrated Pain Management

The World Year for Integrative Pain Treatment has been declared by IASP for 2023. The Global Year advocacy campaign aims to raise awareness both within the pain community and outside of it by focusing on a different facet of pain every year. This year’s campaign aims to raise physicians, scientists, and the general public’s awareness of the adoption of an integrative pain care approach that places an emphasis on non-drug, self-management care in light of the global opioid crisis. We’ll go into more detail about how this strategy can be put to use to assist the millions of people suffering from chronic pain all around the world.

The IASP 2023 World Year for Integrative Pain Treatment will focus on the following theme:

It is obvious that the present models of treatment utilized for managing and treating pain are frequently inefficient in resolving the clinical issue given the steadily increasing burden of chronic pain.
In order to effectively manage and treat chronic pain, which is complicated and best understood within a bio-psycho-social framework, it is best to integrate several management and treatment approaches.

Integrative pain management makes it more simpler to include patient preferences and values than unimodal or single-disciplinary approaches because they are crucial for treatment adherence and efficacy.

Due to the fact that the evidence base for each specific pain treatment intervention varies greatly and is often weak for non-pharmacological methods. There is very little research on the integration of two or more therapy modalities. To close this gap, extensive clinical and translational research is required.

Integrative pain management is described by IASP as the timely synchronization, mechanism-driven, customized, and evidence-based fusion of various pain treatment treatments.

With a variety of efforts, such as a fact sheet series and multiple webinars, the 2023 Global Year for Integrative Pain Care seeks to increase awareness of this significant issue and highlight the knowns and unknowns of integrative pain management.

The particular goals are:

Increasing the importance of integrative pain management amongst medical professionals, researchers, and the general public worldwide
List the known and unknown aspects of integrated pain management.
Provide a summary of the remedies that can be used in integrative pain management.

Provide suggestions for integrating integrative pain management into clinical practice.
Address the obstacles to and enablers of integrative pain management.
Provide suggestions for creating efficient and effective clinical trials for integrative pain management.

Provide concrete examples of how using integrative methods might aid people with pain.

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