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jamb registation 2023 is out

open and closed date for jamb 2023
open and closed date for jamb 2023

When does Jamb 2023 begin?
Jamb registration for 2023 opens on January 14 and closes on February 14 of that year. Jamb CBT 2023 begins on April 29 and ends on May 12 of that year.

When does Jamb 2023 direct entry registration begin? While DIRECT entrance registration begins on Monday, January 20, 2023, JAMB UTME registration begins on January 14th. The Jamb examinations will take place from Saturday, April 29, through Monday, May 12, 2023. As a result, you must begin registering for the next UTME on January 14, 2023.

NIN Is Required for UTME Registration in 2023 and 2024 Click here to obtain your NIN.

10 must be qualified to pass the Jamb UTME.

Please make sure you check all the boxes so that you can use this fantastic resource to register for and pass the 2023 Jamb examinations.

NIN For Jamb Personal Phone Number Valid Email Account

Correct Jamb Profile Jamb Subjects O’Level Result ( remember this is Optional)
Syllabus for approved CBT Centers for UTME
Jamb Previous Exams

Do you know that you may now finish your jamb registration even if you don’t actually have O level results (like: Waec, Neco, GCE, Jupeb, ND, HND, Ijmb)? JAMB has made everything so simple. We’re saying that you can register for the JAMb while waiting for results.

As soon as you successfully register for Jamb at one of the authorized CBT centers nationwide, you will receive the following materials or things.

A CD with the most recent Jamb Recommended Novel for English is now available; it is loaded with the Jamb curriculum and an e-Brochure.
Your electronic slip, which confirms that your UTME registration is complete.

A minimum of six weeks will pass after JAMB Registration.
Do not forget to reprint your slips (note this is available 7 days to UTME)
National Identification Numbers will be used (NIN).
Expect 40 questions based on your subject combination and 60 in English.

Welcome to JAMB registration for 2023–2024 and everything you need to know
For those of you taking the exam, we have laboriously put together a comprehensive guide about the 2023/2024 Jamb.

You will find this advice to be helpful if you are a prospective student looking to enroll this academic year.

According to a recent study, two-thirds of students who take the JAMB exam year after year either fail or barely pass the score required for admission. This is because they lack access to useful information.

The purpose of this post is to prevent you from becoming a victim of such tragic situations.

Jamb CBT Timeline Dates
UTME 2022 Form was released on February 19 and UTME 2023 Form was released between January 14 and February 14.

Jamb CBT 2022 started on May 6th
Registration for the 2021 Jamb Exam began on April 12th, and the exam’s start date was June 19th, 2021.
Registration for the 2020 UTME opened on January 13th.
Jamb Exam 2020 Began on March 14th.
On April 11th, 2019, the Jamb 2019 examination began.
Registration for the 2018 UTME opened on December 6th.
The 2018 Jamb registration period ended on February 11th.
Jamb 2016 registration opened on August 31, 2015.
The deadline for 2016 UTME registration was January 15th.

UTME Exam begins.

beginning on January 14, 2023
Date of Closing: February 14, 2023

JAMB 2023/2024 Data Information Start Date for Jamb Registration January 14, 2023

Deadline for Jamb Registration: February 14, 2023

Costs Totaled for the Registration Process N4700
When to Reprint the Jamb Mock Slip?

Jamb Mock Exam Date
16th March 2023

Jamb compulsory Novel Life Changer by Khadija A. Jalli
Jamb Examination Reprinting Date
22nd April 2023

Jamb Examination Date
Saturday 29th April 2023 to Monday 12th May 2023

Jamb Result Release Date Not specified (explained in details here)

Registration for JAMB 2023/2024 will only be accepted online. Candidates are urged to follow established processes when completing the online registration in order to achieve a successful registration. We pledged to give you this fantastic knowledge on all you need to know regarding JAMB 2023/2024 because we know you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Download the JAMB 2023 syllabus.

The majority of jamb candidates want to know when registration for the 2023/2024 exam will start, and some even want to know when registration will close.

When does registration for the Jamb 2023/2024 exam begin?
The registration period for the 2023/2024 JAM will likely be from 14 January until 14 February 2023.

We would like to let you know that the official release date for the 2023/2024 JAMB form will be forthcoming, and that sales will begin in March.

The test will start whenever it suits you in March 2023/2024.

What does the Jamb registration form cost?

2023–2024: www.jamb.org.ng

Products Amount ()
3.500 as a registration fee
Textbook Required for Reading 500

Service Fee for Registration: $20 for a total of 4,700

Foreign Centers.

The cost of the jamb registration form is a flat 3500 naira. Please be aware that the bank will charge you a token for bank service fees, and that you must process your form at a location that has been approved for 700 Naira. Simply allocate 8000 to cover everything.

How to sign up for the 2023–2024 JAMB (www.jamb.org.ng)

The majority of candidates believe that registering for the JMB can be done quickly and easily, but reality has shown them how mistaken they are. Jamb registration is a process that must be followed through to the finish before registration is accomplished.

Getting your NIN ready for Jamb is the first step in the procedure. Next, you need to obtain your Jamb E PIN, which you may do at any of the banks we’ve listed here, at post offices, or at a facility that has been approved.

To avoid making mistakes during this process, you should carefully read all we have stated.

Do you have your jamb results in tow? That is not a concern. Candidates may register for the jamb exam while awaiting results, but they must make that choice at registration. Additionally, you should make sure to upload the results as soon as they are prepared.

You might worry about the JAMB UTME minimum age as a jamb candidate. You must be 16 years of age or older to register for JAMB.

The next crucial aspect is regarding concerns with email addresses. Before visiting the certified center, kindly get a functioning email account. Create an email address here or here, as recommended in creating your google account.

Making of the JAMB Profile Code
The first step in enrolling for JAMB is to create a 10-digit profile code. We are aware that you may not be familiar with the new Jamb profile code concept.

If you enrolled for the just finished JAMB 2022, you might have noticed a few minor modifications to the registration process.

Before they could build their JAMB profile, students had to supply their NIN, a 10-digit profile code, and an active phone number.

Due to the fact that many students were unaware of how to obtain the necessary profile code and NIN, this most recent development caused problems during the registration process.

Due to the huge level of ignorance among students, we have decided to provide everything you need to know about the jamb profile code, NIN for JAMB, in this article. As we go, please pay close attention.

The New JAMB Profile Code: Background
As previously noted, JAMB has implemented a new registration pattern as part of its effort to stop students from submitting applications more than once.

The organization’s intention to reduce exam fraud in the nation is considered as a factor in the most recent adjustments.

How To Register For JAMB Using NIN
To obtain a NIN for JAMB registration, follow these instructions:

Prepare all the necessary paperwork. The birth certificate, BVN, and state of origin certificate are the required documents for NIN registration.
Visit a nearby NIN registration location, such as an Airtel, MTN, GLO, or NIMC office.
to request a NIN form
Complete the form with the necessary and accurate information, such as the full name, BVN, date of birth, gender, address, and phone number of the next of kin.
Send the form to the person in charge of handling NIN registrations.
Your passport and biometric data will be taken by the person.

While they create your NIN slip, be patient.
Pick up your NIN slip. Although registering for a NIN shouldn’t take too long, you could be required to return the following day to pick up the slip.
The best way to create a JAMB profile code

Jamb profile code can be created in two different methods. SMS and USSD are among them.

How to Receive a JAMB Profile Code by SMS

To get the Jamb profile code through SMS, follow these steps:

On your smartphone, open the Messages app.
Send NIN to 55019 or 66019, along with your 11-digit NIN number. Send “NIN 12356813842” to 55019 or 66019, for example. Make sure to leave enough room between them.

Allow JAMB a few minutes to receive and handle your request.

You’ll receive a message from JAMB with your 10-character Profile-code in it.
You must finish this process using the phone number you used to get your JAMB E-PIN in the interim.

How To Get Your JAMB Profile Code Via USSD
After talking about how to get your Jamb profile code through SMS, let’s focus on the USSD alternative.

It’s not difficult to get your JAMB profile code using USSD. To call, enter 550191*NIN# or *660191NIN#, but make sure your phone has at least $50 worth of airtime.

The phone’s screen will show your entire name and your just generated Jamb profile code. As an alternative, JAMB will send you an SMS with your full name and the profile code.

Taking precautions when creating profile codes

Never SMS from a phone number that has already been used by someone else to register for JAMB.
A phone number associated with another JAMB account is ineligible for the Jamb profile code by default. In a nutshell, in order to get your JAMB profile code, you must use a new or unregistered phone number.
Use your own NIN because using someone else’s will prevent your name from being reflected.

Send the correct NIN.
If your phone doesn’t have enough airtime left, don’t text 55019 or 66019. For each SMS, you need at least 50.
Avoid sending several messages at once. Before sending a second message, wait 20 minutes to see if Jamb has responded to the first one.

What Happens Next After Getting a JAMB Profile Code?
Once you have your profile code, proceed with the jamb registration process. Pick up your Jamb e-pin at the closest authorized location, including a post office. To prevent future issues, you must always use the same phone number.

Once you have your e-pin, proceed to any Jamb/UTME registration to finish the registration process.

Date By Which You Must Create Your JAMB Profile
There is a deadline for JAMB profile construction, thus we urge you to get started on it right away.

This year’s JAMB registration will shortly expire, according to JAMB. Therefore, in order to avoid having to rush things that could result in mistakes and inaccuracies on your profile, we strongly advise you to finish your registration before the deadline day.

Issues with the JAMB Profile Code and Solutions
I repeatedly texted my NIN to 55019, but I still haven’t received my profile code.

This issue might be caused by insufficient airtime. Before sending the SMS, make sure you have at least 50 on your phone.

Another issue-causing component is subpar network service. Wait a few minutes or an hour before sending another message in this situation.

The same problem arises if you use a phone number that has already been used by someone else. The only way to handle this issue is by getting a new phone number.

What should I do if the complete name supplied to me is incorrect?
Unfortunately, JAMB isn’t to blame for the issue because they always send the names associated with your NIN.

Request a name correction at any NIMC registration center. Depending on their present workload, it can take some time, but they will make the necessary changes.

Send 55019 one more message. You will get a message with the updated name and your profile code after the change.

What should I do if I get the invalid character discovered error message?
You must have sent the message to 66019 or 55019 with unsupported characters. The JAMB does not accept characters like “+” or “-.” ( ). Therefore, if you use any of the characters, you will receive such a response.

To prevent receiving a “invalid character found” answer, send only your NIN using the aforementioned format.

What should I do if I get the Record not found for the NIN problem message?
This message was given to you because you supplied an incorrect NIN. If there was a mistake in the digit you sent, check your NIN.

Send the NIN again, but take extra care this time. Before sending the SMS, make sure the digits on the NIN slip and the one you write are identical.

If the issue continues, don’t be afraid to report in person at the nearby NIMC center or NIN registration center. Without charging for their services, they will fix the problem.

What should I do if I receive a notice saying that my NIN passport is invalid?
This notification was sent to you because you registered for NIN using a passport that was hazy or unclear. To make the required modifications without cost, go to the NIN registration center.


If you adhere to the advice on this page, you should have no trouble creating your Jamb profile code.

You might have encountered other problems in the interim that weren’t covered in this essay. In order to assist others, kindly describe the issues you ran across and how you resolved them.

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