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 the JAMB Registrar, advocates a subsidy mechanism 

Oloyede, the JAMB Registrar, advocates a subsidy mechanism for college students.
university studdents


Most of them (private colleges) still have open spots, not because applicants don’t want to fill them, but rather because they are unable to pay for it. Although the majority of US private universities have the ability to enroll more students than they actually do, few applicants do so due to the exorbitant tuition fees.
Labor disputes between the government and university staff, particularly the Academic Staff Union of Institutions, have stemmed from inadequate government support of Nigeria’s public universities, where the majority of students in that nation obtain their education (ASUU).ASUU also stated that because the existing institutions are underfunded, the government shouldn’t create any new ones.
Discussions regarding how maintaining government financing for higher education is unsustainable have been brought to light by this.
Both houses of the National Assembly recently approved a student loan bill that was first proposed to the house by Speaker of the House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila in 2016.

The government would be compelled to establish an education bank that would lend money to students for their educational costs if President Muhammadu Buhari adopts the legislation.
Education in Nigeria is among the finest.
Professor and Registrar of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Josiah Ajiboye, argued that the educational system in Nigeria is not as dysfunctional as is commonly stated.

He argues that the exodus of Nigerian graduates, in particular health professionals, shows how highly regarded and in-demand Nigerian education is abroad.
He said that Nigerian teachers are regarded as professionals outside of Nigeria.

According to Mr. Ajiboye, Nigeria boasts some of the highest educational levels in the world.
If not, then why are Nigerian specialists so sought-after throughout the world?
Nigerian graduates are everywhere.

The UK alone acquired hundreds of medical specialists from Nigeria in 2022.
The signatory stated, “I have given approximately 260 Nigerians permission to teach in Canada alone this year.
He asked the media to help showcase the “positives” in Nigeria’s educational system since, as he said, issues are pervasive and not limited to that country.
“Let’s discuss a few of those pros; if you could, please point them out.
We’ll shoot them off.

He pleaded with us not to dwell on the negative; it wouldn’t be good for our country.
Mr. Ajiboye said, “Instead of us producing the positive and things like that, we let the scenario and the disadvantages overwhelm us.
It’s not really that bad.

In the UK, small children were recently stabbed to death.
If you’re aware of how many weapons are brought into American classrooms each day.

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