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Online Registration for NYSC Batch A 2023

Online Registration for NYSC  Batch A 2023 photo
Online Registration for NYSC Batch A 2023 photo

The next action you should take after confidently checking and verifying that your name is on the Senate list is to register for NYSC.All potential corps members whose names appeared on the NYSC mobilization list will register at this time on the NYSC website.The NYSC portal is always accessible to begin NYSC online registration for all batches and streams.
The length of the NYSC online registration period and its conclusion date are always specified on a specific day in the NYSC timetable.According to information released by the NYSC management, online registration for Batch A Stream 1 will open on January 16 and close on January 20.

Prospective corps members must complete and submit the online registration form with their information within the seven-day registration period for the NYSC.
How much is the registration fee for the NYSC?
Avoid being taken advantage of and beware of online NYSC registration scams. There are always several techniques that hungry people would use to blackmail you during registration. Be cautious.

The cost of NYSC registration ranges from $4,500 to $5,500 (including fees from cyber cafes). Only if you want to print your green card (which includes your call-up number) and COVID slip within 24 hours of registering should you pay this money on the official NYSC website.
First come, first served does not apply to NYSC registration. The fact that you registered on the first day doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be sent to Lagos or Abuja. When registering for NYSC, give accurate and complete information. Before completing your registration, you can always confirm any information you can’t quite recall.

The primary websites for the NYSC are,, and
Graduates from schools outside of Nigeria must visit the NYSC website, register, and upload their documentation.
Registration Requirements for NYSC

These are the necessary paperwork and guidelines for NYSC portal online registration.
Your Direct, Current Phone Number

• Verification using biometrics
• A working email address, preferably one using Gmail;

• First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Gender, JAMB Registration Number, Matriculation Number,
• Marital Status: If you are married, you must present a newspaper name change, your husband’s legitimate ID card, your marriage license, a utility bill, and an attestation letter from his place of employment.
• Have You Already Been Called Up? “Yes” or “No”
Physically Challenged; Passport (White Background); Nationality

State of Origin, Local Government Area, and Current Contact Information

The following information is required: Permanent Address, Town or Village, Next of Kin Information, Institution Attended (Primary School, Secondary School, and Higher Institution), Military Personnel/Paramilitary/National Award Honour Details (if among)
The Nigerian language(s) you speak, the Nigerian state(s) you’ve been to, and the kit specifications (shirt and pant sizes) are all important.
How to Sign Up for the NYSC
To register online through the NYSC portal, follow these steps:

• Go to the NYSC Portal and register using a working email address.
• Click the activation link delivered to the email address you provided when creating your account to activate it.

Upon logging in, complete the bio-data form.

• Thumbprint and biometric data collection.
• Upload your passport photo with a clear, off-white background.
• Include a scan of your signature.
Please Check the details on your registration form before submitting it.
• Adhere to the terms and conditions of registration.
• Select “Submit.”
• Send money.
• Save your login information for later use.
• Within 24 hours of submission and payment, print your COVID slip and green card.
Discounted Posting

On the basis of their marital status or physical condition, prospective corps members may receive a reduced posting during registration.
Domestic Ground
This is for prospective female corps members who are married and desire to be sent to her husband’s home state.

When registering online, such potential corps members should log in to their dashboard and upload the following documents:
• Photocopies of her marriage license.
• Documentation showing the husband’s change of address and name during registration.
• A means of identification for the husband (Driving License, National ID card).
Health Base
To qualify for a reduced deployment, prospective corps members with major health issues should disclose their actual health status upon registration.

When registering online, such potential corps members should log in to their dashboard and upload the following documents:
• An official medical report from a state or federal general hospital.
Details about the doctor.

It should be noted that applications should include these documents if the applicant wishes to move from their present state of deployment to their husband’s state of residence.
• A marriage license.
• Publication of the name change in a newspaper.
• A letter from the spouse’s workplace
• A way to identify the husband.
As a part-time graduate, do I need to register on the NYSC portal?
To print their exclusion letter on their dashboard, part-time graduates must register as soon as the NYSC registration portal opens.
Tips for 2023 NYSC Batch A Stream 1 Online Registration
• Part-time graduates and graduates with overseas training can access the NYSC portal.
• If you are signing up

• Click “Login Here” to continue your registration if you previously registered but did not finish it. You will need your username and password for this.
• Don’t let anyone thumbprint for you. Verify your biometrics on your own.
• Don’t register through a proxy.

• Never enter fictitious data. Make sure all of your information is accurate.
• Never display forged documents. Either you’ll be ashamed or arrested.
• Include a crisp passport photo. Uploading a passport photo while wearing a NYSC crested vest is prohibited. Changing the passport photo is not possible after registering for camp.
• PCMs should apply on their dashboard for name correction requests (addition or removal of names) to be processed by the institution, as well as for spelling mistakes and name rearrangement.

• The certificate of national service and exemption certificate will contain the applicant’s name, date of birth, graduation date, and course of study.

On your dashboard, submit a request for date of birth correction. Please take note that after you register for camp, you cannot change your birthdate.
• To prevent mistakes, PCMs are urged to preview records before submission.

• The portal will be deactivated for registration once the NYSC online registration deadline has passed.
Steps for Foreign-trained Graduates to Register for NYSC
The following are the prerequisites and procedures for foreign (international) trained graduates registering on the NYSC portal:
• Click on this link to view the mobilization process requirements for graduates with international training.
To register, go to
• Upload all original documents online as necessary. You won’t be evaluated if you don’t cooperate.

• Avoid making multiple accounts.
• Keep in mind that the SSCE result you upload must be four (4) years old or older.

If your institution of higher learning has not been assessed, get in touch with the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja to get an evaluation letter.

• A gateway for letter of evaluation requests is available from the Federal Ministry of Education. Institutions in the Benin Republic process it on their behalf.

During online registration, choose a location and a date for pre-camp physical verification, and carefully stick to the location and date you choose.
• After successfully registering online, all foreign-trained graduates must physically appear for pre-camp verification together with original copies of their degree certificates, transcripts, and travel papers.

• Following a successful verification, you must print your clearance slip and bring it with you to the various deployment locations to register.

If you are exempt from service, you will be informed on your dashboard at the NYSC NDHQ, Abuja, when to pick up your exemption certificate.
• Those who are barred from using the service can print an exclusion letter from their online dashboard.

Registration issues with NYSC PCMs are encountering problems such as: insufficient states, payment difficulties, lengthy evaluations, and a lack of confirmation emails.

• Long hold time on the phone • Incorrect matriculation number
• Error class by degree

• Problem with correcting the birthdate
READ How to Print and Check the Online NYSC Call-Up Letter for Batch A 2023
What Can I Do After Registering for NYSC?
After registering, corps members can take advantage of these self-services:
Corrections should be made to the following: misspelled names, incorrect dates of birth, study programs, degree classes, and qualifications.

• Printing of call-up, exclusion, and relocation letters; • Printing of place of primary assignment letter; • Application for relocation after camp

• Letters approving leaves are printed.
Correction of Misspelling/Rearrangement of Name
Following are the processes for correcting name spelling on the NYSC website:
• Enter your username and password to access your dashboard.
• Fill out the necessary fields after selecting Apply for Name Correction.
• To submit a request and wait for approval, click Place Request.
Demand for Name Change
The steps for adding, removing, and replacing a name on the NYSC site are as follows:
• Enter your username and password to access your dashboard.
• Select Request a Name Correction.
• Click on the Add/Remove Name option, then fill in the necessary information.

• To submit, click Place Request.
• Speak with your student affairs officer to take the necessary steps.
• Hold off until final approval.

Correction of Study Course
The following are the steps for changing your programme of study on the NYSC website:
• After logging in, select the link for Course of Study Correction from your dashboard.
• Decide on a study course.
Then select SEND REQUEST.
Note: The student affairs officer at your university must strictly approve this request (SAO).
Correction of Study Class and Degree
The processes to correct the class of study and degree on the NYSC website are as follows:
• After logging in, select the link for Course of Study Correction from your dashboard.
• Decide on your degree class.

Then select SEND REQUEST.
Note: The student affairs officer at your university must strictly approve this request (SAO).
Revising Qualification

Following are the methods for updating your qualification on the NYSC website:
• After logging in, select the link for Course of Study Correction from your dashboard.
• Decide on a qualification.
Then select SEND REQUEST.
Necessary: The student affairs officer at your university must strictly approve this request (SAO).
Correction of Birthdate with NYSC
When registering for NYSC, changing your date of birth is quite simple.

The National Youth Service Corps allows potential corps members who made errors when registering online to change their date of birth.
The following are the methods for updating your date of birth on the NYSC website:
• Request a date of birth correction through WAEC on your dashboard. The WAEC Verification PIN is available at all First Bank locations.

• Throughout online registration, the DOB link is visible on your dashboard. Make sure you utilize it properly.
At the time of graduation, the WAEC certificate had to be four (4) years or longer.

• If you apply using someone else’s WAEC details, your application will be rejected.
• Verify that the names on your WAEC and those on your dashboard do not differ.

When your application has been processed, a notification will be delivered to your email.

If your status has not changed, you are still exempt, and your exemption certificate will be completed. You are required to log in and verify your mobilization status on your dashboard.

After three (3) months, visit your institution to pick up your exemption certificate.
• Take note that both the exemption certificate and the certificate of national service list the applicant’s date of birth.
After registering for camp, you cannot request a DOB correction.

Correction of PCMs Who Were Incorrectly Exempted From Graduation Date
Following the printing of your exemption certificate by NYSC, follow these instructions to change the graduation date:
• Pick up the original NYSC exemption certificate in person at your university, then file a complaint with the student affairs officer.

• After that, your student affairs officer will draft a letter that is legally signed and sent to NYSC headquarters with your accurate graduation date for processing.
• The original NYSC exemption certificate will be returned by your student affairs officer.
When the online registration portal opens, NYSC will provide you the option to revalidate.

Do I Have to Bring My Documents to Camp as a Foreign Graduate?
Foreign graduates who enrolled as prospective corps members online were required to arrive at camp with all original documentation that had been uploaded.
Before you leave the camp on any grounds, be sure you have been validated by the verification officer.

If you don’t comply, your registration is cancelled, and you won’t be posted to your primary assignment location.
Do I Need to Attend Camp With My Medical Graduate Practice License?
Medical professionals who plan to join the corps should bring their licenses to the orientation camp.

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