Hey! am apostle celsus Adah am a blogger, i have passion for education my favorite subject is computer science because i see computer as the science an oracle of all learning. this blog site is to helps students not only but in general develop skills such as analytical thinking and raises learning to a higher level, rather than simply understanding and remembering instructional materials. my site offers an excellent way to encourage students to express themselves, be imaginative, gain writing confidence, communicate, and collaborate with their peers and the teacher.

Consider remote learning in relation to teachers’ interactions and resource sharing with students and the broader public if you think about educational blogs.
There are various varieties of instructional blogs, though. those who concentrate on a specific subject or area of expertise that educators may share. Some blogs are created with students in mind. Maybe you’ve thought about how a website might be useful as a teacher. If you have a niche area of knowledge, you should have a blog!
My website’s goal is:

to facilitate or replace traditional classroom instruction; to assist students in making connections between their studies and the real world; to encourage social interaction;

Students can share their thoughts, works, and experiences; they can publicly reflect on the course material; they can enhance their writing abilities; they can support collaborative learning; they can learn how to use new technologies; they can become more responsible;

These websites are blogs created primarily for general knowledge and educational purposes. By fostering self- and peer-questioning, collaboration, and offering contexts for higher-order thinking, my website is also intended to archive and promote the learning of both students and teachers.

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