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Sample WAEC math problems and answers

Sample WAEC math problems and answers
Sample WAEC math problems and answers photo

This is to let you know that the sample questions and exam schedule for the mathematics subject are available at the URL below for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) May/June and GCE.

There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which must be taken.
PAPER 1: will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions, drawn from the common areas of
the syllabus, to be answered in 1½ hours for 50 marks.
PAPER 2: will consist of thirteen essay questions in two sections – Sections A and B, to be
answered in 2½ hours for 100 marks. Candidates will be required to answer ten questions
in all.
Section A – Will consist of five compulsory questions, elementary in nature carrying a total
of 40 marks. The questions will be drawn from the common areas of the syllabus.
Section B – will consist of eight questions of greater length and difficulty. The questions
shall include a maximum of two which shall be drawn from parts of the
syllabuses which may not be peculiar to candidates’ home countries. Candidates
will be expected to answer five questions for 60marks.

  1. If log10X = 0. 7549 and log10Y = 0.3285, find log10XY.
    A. 0.4256
    B. 0.2479
    C. 1.0826
    D. 2.2956
  2. Convert 13.025 to base 10.
    A. 8.08
    B. 8.80
    C. 808
    D. 880
    WAEC Sample Questions and Schemes – Uploaded online by
  3. Simplify : 3x+1(2x-1) .
    2-1 (6x
    A. 6
    B. 3
    C. 3
    D. 2
  4. A bonus issue of ordinary shares on the basis of three new shares for every five held has
    been made by a company. What will be the increase in the number of shares of an
    investor who originally had 75,000 ordinary shares?
    A. 15,000
    B. 25,000
    C. 45,000
    D. 75,000
  5. Find the equation of the line which is perpendicular to y =

and which passes through the
point (1, 3).
A. y = -3x
B. y = 3x
C. y = -3x + 6
D. y = 3x – 6

  1. Which of the following is represented by the shaded region of the Venn
    diagram below?
    T R C

WAEC Sample Questions and Schemes – Uploaded online by
A. T R
B. C’ (T R)
C. C’ T R
D. C’ (T R)

  1. Given that + – = 6 . Find the value of b.
    A. 8
    B. 16
    C. 32
    D. 64
    PAPER 2
    (x)mod p 2 4 6 8
    2 4 8 2 y
    4 8 y 4 2
    6 2 4 y 8
    8 Y 2 8 4

The table is of multiplication in modulo p over the set . Find the value
( a ) p;
(b ) y.
WAEC Sample Questions and Schemes – Uploaded online by

  1. P Q
    45o 8 cm
    S R
    In the diagram, ∠PQR = 60o
    , ∠QPR = ∠PRS = 90o
    , ∠SPR = 45o
    and |QR| = 8cm. Find
  2. The frequency distribution of the scores of 50 students in an English language test is
    shown in the table.
    Marks 1 – 5 6 –
    11 -15 16 –
    21 –
    26 –
    31 –
    36 –
    41 –
    46 –
    Frequency 2 5 5 7 3 8 10 5 3 2
    ( a ) Prepare a cumulative frequency table.
    ( b ) Draw a cumulative frequency curve for the distribution.
    ( c ) Use the cumulative frequency curve to estimate the:
    (i) median;
    (ii) lower quartile.
    0 o
    NOTE : the questions on this page are note the real or same questions for your waec exams but it can be used for good preparation as against you exams

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