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The people of obanliku

obanliku land
obanliku land
people of obanliku on traditional dance
people of obanliku on traditional dance

On August 27, 1991, the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida established the Obanliku Local Government Area. Sankwala is where its corporate headquarters are. In Cross River State’s Northern Senatorial District is where you’ll find Obanliku Local Government.

Nigeria’s Cross River State includes the Local Government Area of Obanliku. Its headquarters are in the Sankwala town. Busi, Basang, Bebi, Bisu, Utanga, Becheve, Bendi 1, Bendi 2, Bishiri North, and Bishiri South are the 10 wards that make up Obanliku. In Cross River State’s Northern Senatorial District is where you’ll find Obanliku Local Government. It is a Local Government Area that has both domestic and foreign borders. The Republic of Cameroon borders it on the east, the Kwanda Local Government of Benue State borders it on the north, the Obudu Local Government Area borders it on the west, and the Boki Local Government Area borders it on the south.

It has a 1,057 km2 area and 110,324 people according to the 2006 census.

the region’s postal code is 552.

Evangelist Margaret U. Inde serves as the executive chairman of the Obanliku Local Government Council.

The Obanliku region includes the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The location hosts the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race, an annual international competition. The majority of the residents in Obanliku Local Government Area are farmers. The Local Government Area’s economy is based mostly on agriculture, which produces around 80% of all goods and services.

The region is endowed with plenty of rich terrain that is ideal for growing the following cash and crops. Apple, Banana, Cashew, Cassava, Castor, Citrus Orchard, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Grape, Groundnut, Honey breeding, Kola nut, Mango, Palm Tree, Pineapple, Plantation, Rice, Soya Beams, Tea, Wheat, and Yams are just a few examples of the fruits and vegetables that are grown.

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