The Science Department Courses

Science Courses

The Science Department Courses
The Science Department Courses

Your secondary school department does not dictate what you will study in college. As long as you have the appropriate subject mix for the degree program you want to pursue. There are many science courses offered in Nigeria. Although I’m assuming you already have a general notion of what you want to study, I strongly advise you to carefully review this list because I have a feeling you might end up changing your mind.
You can study practically any science course mentioned here using the subject combinations shown below. The disciplines in bold, in addition to mathematics and english, are prerequisites for all science degree programs.

English Language Civic Education Mathematics

Chemistry Physics Biology
Agriculture Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba
a topic of commerce

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A poor subject selection could prevent you from getting admitted. Prior to receiving admission to any higher education school in Nigeria, you must write and pass the key topics in your O level subject combinations.

Science Programs for Students

  • Environmental and Animal Biology
    Environmental and biological anthropology and animal biology
  • Application-based biochemistry, biology, botany, and geology
    Applied Mathematics with Statistics and Geophysics
    Microbiology in Use Microbiology in Use and Brewing
    Practical Zoology
    Animal Sciences
    Microbiology and botany
    Construction Technology
    Biology of Cells and Genetics
    Science of Chemicals
    Combinations in Chemistry for Geology
    Information exchange and wireless technology
    Computing Science
  • both informatics and computer science
    Information science and computer science
    Information technology and computer science
  • Mathematical and Computer Sciences
    Economics and computer science
    Electronics and Computer
    Statistical computer
    Information, Communication, and Computer Biology Conservation Science
    science of cyber security data management
    Ecological Science: Earth
    Environmental studies and ecology
    Technology relating to computers and electronics
    Petroleum and Energy Studies
    Power Studies
    Technical Physics
    fishing and environmental biology
    Management of the Environment
    Managing the Environment and Toxicology
    Ecological Science
    Science and Technology of the Environment
    angling angling and aquaculture
    Science and Technology of Food
    Criminal Science
  • Biotechnology and genetics
    Geography Environmental Management and Geography
  • Geosciences and Geography
    Planning and Geography
    Planning for regional geography
    Geophysics and Geology
    Mineral and Geological Science
    Mining and Geology
    Studies in geology and petroleum
    Environmental, Industrial, and Geoscience Chemistry
    Chemical Industry
    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Statistics and Industrial Mathematics
    Applied Microbiology
    Commercial Physics
    Applied geophysics and industrial physics
    Science in Industry and Renewable Energy
    Information and Communication Science with Industrial Physics and Electronics
    Technology for Information and Communication
    Studies of information science and media
    Science laboratory technology and information technology
    Management Information System for Libraries and Information Science
    Coastal Biology
    Oceanography and Fisheries
    Science and Technology of the Sea
    Sciences of mathematics
  • Economics and Mathematics
    Statistics and Mathematics
    Information technology and mathematics
  • Statistics and Mathematics
    Biotechnology and microbiology
    Industrial biotechnology and microbial science
    Chemical Biology
    Environmental and Natural Science
    Optometry, Oceanography, and Operations Research
    Entomology and parasitology
    Petrochemical Analysis
    Natural Sciences
    Industrial Physics and Physics
    Science and astrology
    Applied Physics and Physics
    Computational modeling and Physics
    Solar energy and physics
    Electronics and Physics
    Electronics and Physics
    Science of Materials and Physics
  • Animal Biology
    Science of plants Science of plants and biotechnology
    Science of Plants and Forestry
    both botany and microbiology
    Applied and pure biology
    Applied and pure chemistry
    Applied and Pure Mathematics
    Applied and pure physics
    Industrial and pure chemistry
    Industrial and Pure Physics
  • Sport Science Pure Physics Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics
    Surveying, computer science, and geoinformatics
    Wireless technology and telecommunication
    Telecommunication Science and Management Textile Science and Technology
    Demographics and Statistics
    Biotechnology and Applied Biology
    Computer/Industrial Mathematics
    Aquaculture and zoology
    Environmental biology and Zoology

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