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Engineering Environmental technology

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covering a wide range of species, including companion and farm animals, primates, insects, and primates Queens University Belfast
Engineering CoursesCourse Duration
Agricultural EngineeringFive (5) years
Agricultural and Environmental EngineeringFive (5) years
Agricultural and Bio-Resources EngineeringFive (5) years
ArchitectureFour (4) years
Biomedical EngineeringFive (5) years
BuildingFive (5) years
Chemical EngineeringFive (5) years
Chemical/Petroleum/Petrochemical EngineeringFive (5) years
Civil EngineeringFive (5) years
Civil Engineering/HydrologyFive (5) years
Computer EngineeringFive (5) years
Computer ScienceFour (4) years
Computer Science and EngineeringFive (5) years
Computer Science with (Economics) (Mathematics)Five (5) years
Computer and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Communication TechnologyFour (4) years
Communication and Multimedia AdvertisingFour (4) years
Communication and Multimedia Printing JournalismFour (4) years
Communication and Multimedia Television/FilmingFour (4) years
Communication and Multimedia DesignFour (4) years
Electrical EngineeringFive (5) years
Electronics EngineeringFive (5) years
Electrical/Electronics/Computer EngineeringFive (5) years
Electrical/Electronic EngineeringFive (5) years
Environmental ManagementFour (4) years
Environmental EngineeringFive (5) years
Environmental TechnologyFour (4) years
Environmental Management TechnologyFour (4) years
Estate ManagementFour (4) years
Fine ArtFour (4) years
Fine and Applied ArtsFour (4) years
Food EngineeringFive (5) years
Food Science and Technology/EngineeringFive (5) years
Food Science and EngineeringFive (5) years
Food TechnologyFive (5) years
Gas EngineeringFive (5) years
GeographyFour (4) years
Geography and Regional PlanningFour (4) years
Geography and MeteorologyFour (4) years
Geography and PlanningFour (4) years
Hotel Management and TourismFour (4) years
Home Economics and Food ManagementFour (4) years
ICT EngineeringFive (5) years
Irrigation EngineeringFive (5) years
Industrial ArtsFour (4) years
Industrial DesignFour (4) years
Industrial Production and EngineeringFive (5) years
Information TechnologyFive (5) years
Land SurveyingFive (5) years
Management TechnologyFive (5) years
marine engineering image to show a clear picture of what marine engineering is all-about
Marine EngineeringFive (5) years
Marine Management TechnologyFive (5) years
Materials and Production EngineeringFive (5) years
Mechanical EngineeringFive (5) years
Mechatronics EngineeringFive (5) years
Mechanical and Production EngineeringFive (5) years
Metallurgical & Material EngineeringFive (5) years
Metallurgical EngineeringFive (5) years
MeteorologyFive (5) years
Mining EngineeringFive (5) years
Naval ArchitectureFour (4) years
Nutrition and DieteticsFive (5) years
Petroleum EngineeringFive (5) years
Petroleum and Gas EngineeringFive (5) years
Polymer and Textile EngineeringFive (5) years
Production EngineeringFive (5) years
Project Management TechnologyFour (4) years
Quantity SurveyingFive (5) years
Software EngineeringFive (5) years
SurveyingFive (5) years
Surveying and Geo-InformaticsFive (5) years
Systems EngineeringFive (5) years
StatisticsFour (4) years
Transportation and Management TechnologyFour (4) years
Technological ManagementFour (4) years
Urban and Regional PlanningFive (5) years
Visual Arts technologyFour (4) years
Water Resources and Environmental EngineeringFive (5) years
display of educational administration and supervision image
On Education Courses Duration
Education Administration and SupervisionFour (4) years
Adult EducationFour (4) years
Adult Education/English LiteratureFour (4) years
Adult Education/Economics and StatisticsFour (4) years
Adult and Community EducationFour (4) years
Adult Education and Non-Formal EducationFour (4) years
Adult Education/Political Science and Public AdministrationFour (4) years
Adult Education/Geography and Regional PlanningFour (4) years
Curriculum and TeachingFour (4) years
Curriculum and InstructionFour (4) years
Curriculum StudiesFour (4) years
Educational AdministrationFour (4) years
Education Foundation and AdministrationFour (4) years
Educational FoundationFour (4) years
Education Foundation and ManagementFour (4) years
Education Psychology, Guidance and CounsellingFour (4) years
Education ManagementFour (4) years
Industrial and Labour RelationsFour (4) years
Library ScienceFour (4) years
Library and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Library StudiesFour (4) years
Library and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Library StudiesFour (4) years
Nursery and Primary EducationFour (4) years
Pre-Primary EducationFour (4) years
Primary EducationFour (4) years
Philosophy EducationFour (4) years
Psychology EducationFour (4) years
Psychology EducationFour (4) years
Science and Computer EducationFour (4) years
Science EducationFour (4) years
Special Education (Visual Handicaps)Four (4) years
Sport ManagementFour (4) years
Teacher EducationFour (4) years


ARTS is every where
Arts education CoursesDuration
Arts and Social Science EducationFour (4) years
Arts EducationFour (4) years
Education/ArabicFour (4) years
Education/ArtsFour (4) years
Education/Arts and Social SciencesFour (4) years
Education/Arts and Social SciencesFour (4) years
Education/Christian Religious StudiesFour (4) years
Education/Edo LanguageFour (4) years
Education/English LanguageFour (4) years
Education/English LanguageFour (4) years
Education/Fine and Applied ArtsFour (4) years
Education/FrenchFour (4) years
Education/GeographyFour (4) years
Education/HausaFour (4) years
Education/HistoryFour (4) years
Education/IgboFour (4) years
Education/Igbo/LinguisticsFour (4) years
Education/Language ArtsFour (4) years
Education/Language and FrenchFour (4) years
Education/Language/EnglishFour (4) years
Education/LinguisticsFour (4) years
Education/LinguisticsFour (4) years
Education/Islamic StudiesFour (4) years
Education and Religious StudiesFour (4) years
Education and YorubaFour (4) years
History and Diplomatic StudiesFour (4) years
Mass CommunicationFour (4) years
Nigerian LanguagesFour (4) years
Education and MusicFour (4) years
(Science and Technology) Education Courses Duration
Agricultural EducationFour (4) years
Automobil Technology EducationFour (4) years
Building EducationFour (4) years
Computer EducationFour (4) years
Computer and Information TechnologyFour (4) years
Geography and Environmental Management (Gem)Four (4) years
Education/ChemistryFour (4) years
Education and Computer ScienceFour (4) years
Education/MathematicsFour (4) years
Education/ScienceFour (4) years
Education/Technology/Introductory EducationFour (4) years
Mathematics Education TechnologyFour (4) years
Electrical/Electronics TechnologyFour (4) years
Human Kinetics EducationFour (4) years
Human Kinetics and Health EducationFour (4) years
Industrial ChemistryFour (4) years
Industrial Technical EducationFour (4) years
Mathematics/Statistics EducationFour (4) years
Metal Technology EducationFour (4) years
Petroleum and Petro-Chemical SciencesFour (4) years
Physical and Health EducationFour (4) years
Physical EducationFour (4) years
Physical Education and RecreationFour (4) years
StatisticsFour (4) years
Sport ScienceFour (4) years
Technical EducationFour (4) years
Telecommunication and Information TechnologyFour (4) years
Transport Planning and Management (TPM)Four (4) years
Theatre ArtsFour (4) years
Technology EducationFour (4) years
Technology and Vocation EducationFour (4) years
Education/Integrated Science Education/PhysicsFour (4) years
Home Economics EducationFour (4) years
Home Economics and Hotel ManagementFour (4) years
Intercultural EducationFour (4) years

social sciences
(Social Science) Education Courses Duration
Education/Political ScienceFour (4) years
Education/Social ScienceFour (4) years
Education/Social StudiesFour (4) years
Education/SociologyFour (4) years
Education/AccountancyFour (4) years
Economics/GeographyFour (4) years
Education and Busines AdministrationFour (4) years
Business EducationFour (4) years
Interculture EducationFour (4) years
Secretarial EducationFour (4) years
Social Work and Community DevelopmentFour (4) years
Vocational EducationFour (4) years
Vocational Education and Technical EducationFour (4) years


In order to control conduct, social or political institutions make laws that are then enforced. 
Law Duration
Civil LawFive (5) years
Common and Islamic LawFive (5) years
International Law and JurisprudenceFive (5) years
Islamic Law/Sharia LawFive (5) years
Private and Islamic LawFive (5) years
Public and Internationa LawFive (5) years
LawFive (5) years
Common LawFive (5) years

Medical/Pharmaceutical & Health Science

Pharmaceutical/ Medical& Health Science Duration
AnatomyFour (4) years
BiochemistryFour (4) years
Dentistry and Dental TechnologySix (6) years
Human Nutrition and DieteticsFour (4) years
Medical BiochemistryFour (4) years
Medical RehabilitationFive (5) years
Medical Laboratory Technology/ScienceFive (5) years
Medicine and Surgery (Human Medicine)Six (6) years
Nursing/Nursing ScienceFive (5) years
OptometrySix (6) years
PharmacyFive (5) years
PharmacologyFour (4) years
PhysiologyFour (4) years
PhysiotherapyFive (5) years
Prosthesis and Orthopaedic TechnologyFour (4) years
Public Health TechnologyFour (4) years
RadiographyFive (5) years
Veterinary MedicineSix (6) years


List of All Science Courses
Science Courses Duration
Animal and Environmental BiologyFour (4) years
AnthropologyFour (4) years
Applied BotanyFour (4) years
Applied BiologyFour (4) years
BiochemistryFour (4) years
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyFour (4) years
Forensic ScienceFour (4) years
Biological Science(s)Four (4) years
PhysicsFour (4) years
MicrobiologyFour (4) years
Plant Science and BiotechnologyFour (4) years
ElectronicsFour (4) years
Physics and ElectronicsFour (4) years
Physics and Computer ElectronicFour (4) years
ElectronsFour (4) years
Physics and Solar EnergyFour (4) years
Physics and Energy StudiesFour (4) years
Physics/Industrial PhysicsFour (4) years
Physics with Computational ModelingFour (4) years
Physics/AstrologyFour (4) years
Physical SciencesFour (4) years
Energy StudiesFour (4) years
Physics and Applied PhysicsFour (4) years
Industrial PhysicsFour (4) years
Pure and Applied PhysicsFour (4) years
Applied PhysicsFour (4) years
Pure and Indurstrial PhysicsFour (4) years
Pure PhysicsFour (4) years
Industrial Physics an Renewable EnergyFour (4) years
Industrial Physics with Electronics and its ApplicationFour (4) years
Applied BiochemistryFour (4) years
Industrial MathematicsFour (4) years
Industrial Mathematics/Applied StatisticsFour (4) years
Applied Mathematics and StatisticsFour (4) years
Applied StatisticsFour (4) years
Industrial Mathematics/ComputerFour (4) years
ChemistryFour (4) years
Chemistry and Industrial ChemistryFour (4) years
Industrila Chemistry and Chemical EntrepreneurshipFour (4) years
Pure ChemistryFour (4) years
Pure and Applied ChemistryFour (4) years
Chemical ScinecesFour (4) years
Petroleum ChemistryFour (4) years
Industrial and Environmental ChemistryFour (4) years
Applied ChemistryFour (4) years
Food Science and TechnologyFour (4) years
Industrial ChemistryFour (4) years
Pure and Industrial ChemistryFour (4) years
FisheriesFour (4) years
GeologyFour (4) years
Geological ScienesFour (4) years
Geology and MineralFour (4) years
Geology and GeophysicsFour (4) years
Geology and MiningFour (4) years
Geology and Petroleum ResourcesFour (4) years
Applied GeologyFour (4) years
Geology and Mineeral ScienceFour (4) years
Marine GeologyFour (4) years
Geography and Regonal PlanningFour (4) years
GeographyFour (4) years
Geography and Environmental ManagementFour (4) years
Surveying and GeoinformaticsFour (4) years
Building TechnologyFour (4) years
StatisticsFour (4) years
BiostatisticsFour (4) years
Statistics and Data SciencesFour (4) years
Digital EntrepreneushipFour (4) years
Botany and Ecological StudiesFour (4) years
Plant Biology and BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Plant Sciene and ForestryFour (4) years
Plant Science and MicrobiologyFour (4) years
Plant BiologyFour (4) years
Plant ScienceFour (4) years
BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Genetics and BiotechnologyFour (4) years
EcologyFour (4) years
Applied EcologyFour (4) years
Ecology and Environmental StudiesFour (4) years
ZoologyFour (4) years
Zoology and AqacultureFour (4) years
Applied ZoologyFour (4) years
Animal Biology and EnvironmentFour (4) years
Zoology and Environmental BiologyFour (4) years
Conversation BiologyFour (4) years
Environmenatal Science and TechnologyFour (4) years
Environmtal BiologyFour (4) years
Environmenatal Biology and FisheriesFour (4) years
Marine Science and TechnologyFour (4) years
Marine ScienceFour (4) years
MathematicsFour (4) years
Mathematics with Computer ScienceFour (4) years
Applied GeophysicsFour (4) years
GeophysicsFour (4) years
GeoscienceFour (4) years
Geography and GeosciencesFour (4) years
Earth ScienceFour (4) years
Sport ScienceFour (4) years
MicrobiologyFour (4) years
Microbiology and BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Microbiology/ParsitologyFour (4) years
Biology/BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Molecular BiologyFour (4) years
Microbiology and Indurstrial BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Industrial MicrobiologyFour (4) years
Science Laboratory TechnologyFour (4) years
Natural and Environmenatal Health ScienceFour (4) years
Environmentl Health ScienceFour (4) years
Environmental ManagementFour (4) years
Environmental Management and ToxicologyFour (4) years
Engergy and Petroleum ResourcesFour (4) years
Parisology and EntymologyFour (4) years
Pure and Applied MathematicsFour (4) years
Mathematics and EconomicsFour (4) years
Mathematics with EconomicsFour (4) years
Applied Microbiology and BrewingFour (4) years
Applied MicrobiologyFour (4) years
Mathematics with StatisticsFour (4) years
Mathematics and StatisticsFour (4) years
OptometryFour (4) years
Computer ScienceFour (4) years
Computer, Informtion and Communication ScienceFour (4) years
Computer Science and InformaticsFour (4) years
Computer Science and Information TechnologyFour (4) years
Computer Science and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Computer with ElectronicsFour (4) years
Software EngineeringFour (4) years
Software Engineering and Digital EntrepreneurshipFour (4) years
Information TechnologyFour (4) years
Data ManagementFour (4) years
Management Information SystemFour (4) years
Information Communication TechnologyFour (4) years
Information and Communication ScienceFour (4) years
Information SystemsFour (4) years
Information Systems and TechnologyFour (4) years
Computer Science with EconomicsFour (4) years
Communication and Wireless TechnologyFour (4) years
Telecommunicatin ManagementFour (4) years
Telecommunication ScienceFour (4) years
Cyber Security ScienceFour (4) years
Cyber Computer ScienceFour (4) years
Cyber SecurityFour (4) years
Communications TechnologyFour (4) years
Library and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Information Science and Media StudiesFour (4) years
Information Media TechnologyFour (4) years
Information Media SciencesFour (4) years
Mathematical SciencesFour (4) years
Computer Science and MathematicsFour (4) years
Computer Scince with MathematicsFour (4) years
Computer with StatisticsFour (4) years
Electronics and Computer TechnologyFour (4) years
ArcheaologyFour (4) years
BiologyFour (4) years
Human BiologyFour (4) years
Pure and Applied BiologyFour (4) years
Applied BotanyFour (4) years
Applied BiologyFour (4) years
Applied Biology and GeneticsFour (4) years
Applied Biology and BiotechnologyFour (4) years
Cell Biology and GeneticsFour (4) years
Operational ResearchFour (4) years
Engineering PhysicsFour (4) years
BioinformaticsFour (4) years
Anthroplolgy (Biological)Four (4) years
Marine Biology and FisheriesFour (4) years
Marine BiologyFour (4) years
Fisheries and AquacultureFour (4) years
OcenographyFour (4) years

Social Management Science

Social Management Science
Social Management ScienceDuration
Accountancy/Finance/AccountingFour (4) years
Accounting Management 8 FinanceFour (4) years
AnthroplogyFour (4) years
Actuarial ScienceFour (4) years
Arabic and Islamic Religious StudiesFour (4) years
Banking and FinanceFour (4) years
Business Mangemnt/Mangement SciencesFour (4) years
Business AdminsistrationFour (4) years
Business and Entreprenerual StudiesFour (4) years
CriminologyFour (4) years
Crimnology and PenologyFour (4) years
Criminology and Security StudiesFour (4) years
Demography and Social StatisticsFour (4) years
EconomicsFour (4) years
EntrepreneurshipFour (4) years
Entrepreneural StudiesFour (4) years
Entrepreneurship Studies and innovationFour (4) years
Economics and Development StudiesFour (4) years
Econmics and Operation ResearchFour (4) years
Economics and StatisticsFour (4) years
Environmental Protection and Resources ManagementFour (4) years
Film and Video StudiesFour (4) years
FinanceFour (4) years
GeographyFour (4) years
Geography and Environmental MangementFour (4) years
Geography and MeteorologyFour (4) years
Geography and Regional PlanningFour (4) years
Geography and PlanningFour (4) years
Government and Public AdministrationFour (4) years
Hospitality and ToursmFour (4) years
Hospitality and Toursim ManagementFour (4) years
Hotel Managemtn and TOursimFour (4) years
Human Resources ManagementFour (4) years
Industrial Relations and Personnel ManagementFour (4) years
Intelligence and Security StudiesFour (4) years
InsuranceFour (4) years
Internationl RelationsFour (4) years
International Relations nd DiplomacyFour (4) years
International Relationship and Strategic StudiesFour (4) years
International StudiesFour (4) years
International Studies and DiplomacyFour (4) years
International and Comparative PoliticsFour (4) years
Library and Information ScienceFour (4) years
Library ScienceFour (4) years
Management and EntreprenerushipFour (4) years
MarketingFour (4) years
Marketing and AdvertisingFour (4) years
Mass CommunicationFour (4) years
Mass Communication and Media TechnologyFour (4) years
Media and Communication StudiesFour (4) years
Office and Informtion MangementFour (4) years
Peace and Development StudiesFour (4) years
Peace and Conflict StudiesFour (4) years
Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionFour (4) years
PhilosophyFour (4) years
Polictical ScienceFour (4) years
Polictical Science and DiplomacyFour (4) years
Polictical Science/International Law and DiplomacyFour (4) years
Polictical Science and Administrative StudiesFour (4) years
Polictical Science and International RelationsFour (4) years
Polictical Science and Conflict ResolutionFour (4) years
Polictical Science and Defence StudiesFour (4) years
Policy and Strategic StudiesFour (4) years
Policy and Administrative StudiesFour (4) years
Population StudiesFour (4) years
PsychologyFour (4) years
Public AdminstationFour (4) years
Public Adminstation and Local GovernmentFour (4) years
Religious StudiesFour (4) years
Social JusticeFour (4) years
Social WorkFour (4) years
SociologyFour (4) years
Sociology and AnthropologyFour (4) years
Transport ManagementFour (4) years
Transport Planning and MangementFour (4) years
TaxationFour (4) years
Taxation and Event MangementFour (4) years
Toursim StudiesFour (4) years

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