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Today’s Black Market Naira Exchange Rate BANKING


The current dollar to naira exchange rate in Lagos, Nigeria, is as follows. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rates, Bureau de Change (BDC) rates, and Naira Back Market rates are also included.

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Naira to Dollar
The Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos’ current black market exchange rate for buying and selling United States dollars (USD) on the parallel (unofficial) market is listed below.

Today’s Buying Rate for Dollars to Naira (USD to NGN) is 740.
Trading Rate: 745

Naira to Pounds
The following table lists the black market exchange rates for selling and buying British Pound Sterling in the parallel (unofficial) market from Bureau De Change (BDC) agents in Lagos as of today.

Today’s Buying Rate in Pounds to Naira (GBP to NGN) is 905.
920 Euros were sold for 920 Naira.

Canadian Dollar to Naira (CAD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today Buying Rate 765 Selling Rate 775

The Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos’ current black market exchange rate for buying and selling Canadian Dollars at the parallel (unofficial) market is listed below.

Naira to Canadian Dollar (CAD to NGN)

Black Market Exchange Rate Today: 540 Rand Buying Rate, 560 Rand Selling Rate in Naira

The Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos’ current black market exchange rates for selling and buying Rand to Naira at the parallel (unofficial) market are listed below.

Black Market Exchange Rate for the Rand to the Naira (ZAR to NGN) Today: Buying Rate: 31 Selling Rate: 38 Dirham to Naira

The following table lists the black market exchange rates used by Bureau De Change (BDC) agents in Lagos to purchase and sell dirhams for nairas on the unofficial market.

155 dirhams to nairas (AED to NGN) at the current black market buying rate
Sales Price 165

Naira to Yuan
The following table lists the black market exchange rates used by Bureau De Change (BDC) agents in Lagos to purchase and sell Yuan for Naira on the unregulated market.

Black Market Exchange Rate Today: 80 Ghanaian Cedis to Naira for one Yuan (CNY to NGN).
The following table lists the black market exchange rates currently being used by Bureau De Change (BDC) agents in Lagos to purchase and sell Ghanaian Cedis for Naira on the parallel (unofficial) market.

Today’s Black Market Exchange Rate for Cedi to Naira (GHS to NGN) is 65 to 75.

Naira to West African CFA franc
The Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos’ black market exchange rates for selling and purchasing West African CFA francs in exchange for Naira are listed below.

Black Market Exchange Rate for Today’s Buying Rate: 945 Dirham to Naira (XOF to NGN).
Sales Price: 965

Naira to Central African CFA franc
The Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos’ black market exchange rates for selling and purchasing Central African CFA francs in exchange for Naira are listed below.

Black Market Exchange Rate for CFA to Naira (XAF to NGN) Today Buying Rate 900 Selling Rate 920

Official Naira Exchange Rates from the CBN
According to information published on the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) Currency Exchange Rate, where foreign exchange is regulated, the Naira and the US dollar are now exchanged at this rate.

Date US DOLLAR 444.04 444.54 445.04 Currency Buying (NGN) Central (NGN) Selling (NGN) 12/1/2022
POUNDS STERLING 541.1071 541.7164 542.3257 as of 12/1/2022

DateCurrency Buying(NGN) Central(NGN) Selling(NGN) 12/1/2022US DOLLAR444.04444.54445.0412/1/2022POUNDS STERLING541.1071541.7164542.325712/1/2022EURO463.933464.4554464.977812/1/2022SWISS FRANC470.2319470.7614471.290912/1/2022YEN3.26243.2663.269712/1/2022CFA0.68260.69260.702612/1/2022WAUA582.7002583.3564584.012512/1/2022YUAN/RENMINBI62.717562.788662.859612/1/2022RIYAL118.102118.235118.36812/1/2022SOUTH AFRICAN RAND25.241625.2725.298412/1/2022DANISH KRONA62.369562.439862.5112/1/2022SDR583.8238584.4812585.138611/30/2022US DOLLAR443.084443.584444.08411/30/2022POUNDS STERLING532.1439532.7444533.344911/30/2022EURO459.0793459.5974460.225411/30/2022SWISS FRANC466.3551466.8814467.407611/30/2022CFA0.68170.69170.701711/30/2022WAUA582.2523582.9094583.566411/30/2022YUAN/RENMINBI62.583462.654462.725511/30/2022RIYAL117.8478117.9807118.113711/30/2022SOUTH AFRICAN RAND26.130826.160326.189811/30/2022DANISH KRONA61.704861.774561.844111/30/2022SDR582.3453583.0025583.659611/29/2022US DOLLAR443.67444.17444.6711/29/2022POUNDS STERLING533.4688534.07534.671211/29/2022EURO460.7513461.2705461.789811/29/2022SWISS FRANC467.1686467.6951468.221511/29/2022YEN3.21523.21893.222511/29/2022CFA0.6880.6980.70811/29/2022WAUA583.3109583.9682584.625611/29/2022YUAN/RENMINBI61.89561.965262.035411/29/2022RIYAL118.0287118.1617118.294811/29/2022SOUTH AFRICAN RAND26.18626.215526.245111/29/2022DANISH KRONA61.938362.008162.077911/29/2022SDR584.3578585.0163585.674911/28/2022US DOLLAR443.53444.03444.5311/28/2022POUNDS STERLING535.9173536.5214537.125611/28/2022EURO464.0654464.5886465.111711/28/2022SWISS FRANC469.7416470.2711470.800711/28/2022YEN3.2073.21063.214211/28/2022CFA0.67770.68770.697711/28/2022WAUA578.8602579.5127580.165311/28/2022YUAN/RENMINBI61.613361.683261.753111/28/2022RIYAL118.0009118.1339118.26711/28/2022SOUTH AFRICAN RAND25.872525.901725.930811/28/2022DANISH KRONA62.385562.455962.526211/28/2022SDR580.4921581.1465581.800911/25/2022US DOLLAR443.37443.87444.3711/25/2022POUNDS STERLING536.0343536.6388537.243311/25/2022EURO460.9275461.4473461.9671DateCurrency Buying(NGN) Central(NGN) Selling(NGN)

Date GTBank USD to Naira exchange rate: 490 GTBank Naira exchange rate: Bank currency rate

Naira Exchange Rates First Bank Currency Rate Date
GBP ₦ 706 05/09/2022
EUR ₦ 602 18/07/2022
CAD 466 on July 18, 2022; USD 500 on July 4, 2022
INR ₦ 5.80 01/05/2021
RUB ₦ 6.20 01/05/2021

Access Bank’s Naira exchange rate is 505 Naira to 1 USD as of 30/04/2022.

531 Naira to EUR

31 August 2021: 621 British Pounds; 28 August 2021: 357 Canadian Dollars; 18 August 2021: ZAR 31 Naira as of 18 August 2021
18/08/2021, INR to Naira, 6
52 TRY To Naira
18/08/2021 AUD to Naira 299
7.10 RUB to Naira as of 1/5/2021
SGD to Naira exchange rate: 268 on 1 May 2021; 109 on 26 November 2020; and 800 on 15 August 2020.

INR To Naira 6.12 Date INR To Naira USD

UBA Naira Exchange Rates 15/10/2022 503 to Naira 29/04/2022 \sEUR 566 Naira to one. 31/08/2021 \sGBP To Naira 622 CAD on 23/07/2021 316 Naira to Naira Naira 119.01 to AED 1.05 as of 08/08/2020

Date USD To Naira Exchange Rate: 480 23/03/2022 Ecobank Naira Exchange Rates

GBP To Naira: 621 On July 23, 2021 EUR To Naira: 499.45 On June 16, 2021
15/08/2020 CAD [AED] = 107 Naira Naira 299 as of 30 June 2020
5.9 INR to Naira on June 25, 2020

USD To Naira Exchange Rate Date: 475 Naira on 21/01/2022 Stanbic Bank

543 Naira to EUR

GBP = 646 Naira
03/06/2021 \sCAD 337 Naira to. 01/05/2021
69 TRY To Naira

1 US dollar equals 442.134 naira in the conversion of currencies.



5 USD 2,210.67 NGN, 10 USD 4,421, and 1 USD 442.134 NGN.

11 053 USD 34 NGN.

4 NGN 50 = 22,106 USD.

44,213 USD worth of 7 NGN.

USD 221,067 NGN 4 NGN
10,000 USD 4,421, 1,000 USD 442,134 NGN, 5,000 USD 2,210,670 NGN
50 USD 22,106,700 NGN 340 NGN

Nigerian Naira to US Dollar Conversion NGN USD

1 NGN = 0.00226176 USD, 5 NGN = 0.0113088 USD, 25 NGN = 0.0565439 USD, 50 NGN = 0.113088 USD, 100 NGN = 0.226176 USD, etc.

1 USD = 1,000 NGN.

5.01 USD 2.26176 NGN

10,000 NGN, 11.3088 USD

50,000 NGN for 22.6176 USD and 113.088 USD

Nigerian Naira to US Dollar historical data Last 30 days Last 90 days High

442.67 442.67 \sLow

436.36 420.31 \sAverage

439.32 432.43 \sVolatility

0.10% 0.10%

The current euro to dollar conversion rates are listed below. Along with others, it includes the exchange rates for the euro against the pound, the yen, and the naira.

Euro to US Dollar Conversion EUR USD

1 USD 1.04179 EUR 5 USD 5.20895 EUR 10 USD 10.4179 EUR 25 USD 26.0447 EUR 50 USD 52.0895 EUR 100 USD 104.179 EUR 500 USD 520.895 EUR 1,000 EUR

1,041.79 USD, 5,208.95 EUR, 10,417.9 EUR, 50,000 EUR, and 52,089.5 EUR

Euro to US Dollar exchange rate
The current United States Dollar (USD) to Euro conversion is shown below.

1 USD EUR 0.959887, 5 USD 4.79943, 10 USD 9.59887, 25 USD 23.9972, and 50 USD

USD 100 EUR 47.9943

95.9887 Euros ($500) 479.943 Euros ($1,000) 959.887 Euros ($5,000) 4,799.43 Euros ($10,000) 9,598.87 Euros ($50,000)

47,994.3 EUR

1 EUR to USD statistics
30 days ago 90 days ago high

1.0395 1.0395 \sLow

0.97498 0.95960 \sAverage

1.0104 0.99545 \sVolatility


Convert US Dollars to Euros 10 US Dollars
9.75844 Euros 25 Dollars
USD 50 EUR 24.3961
EUR/USD = 48.7922
97.5844 EUR

Aboki FX
Oniwinde Adedotun, the creator of abokiFX, is the subject of an investigation, according to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Adedotun and abokiFX Limited are allegedly being looked into for “illegal foreign exchange operations,” according to sources within the top bank. A website called AbokiFX has been tracking changes in the foreign currency market since 2014. According to abokiFX, on September 16th, 2021, the naira was selling at 570 to the dollar on the black market. An individual with knowledge of the situation said that “strange forex transactions” were discovered in his account, indicating that the platform’s proponents may have engaged in illicit forex trading.

The apex bank is reportedly looking into seven accounts owned by Adedotun and abokiFX and checking each foreign exchange transaction from 2019 to 2021. Adedotun is allegedly under investigation for manipulating foreign currency rates, according to reports on social media, but a bank source claimed he could not corroborate the claims. After the next monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting tomorrow, there will be much more clarity, the insider predicted. As of September 16, 2021, AbokiFX, a website registered in Arizona, United States, ranked 63rd in terms of traffic in Nigeria.

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