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Top 13 Pilot Training Programs with Full Sponsorship

For this reason, practically everyone searches for a program that is completely financed. Pilot training programs are too expensive for the students. The greatest fully supported pilot programs that you may apply for or attend are included in this post.

EAA Young Eagles Pilot Training Program, Fully Sponsored
This is a top-notch sponsorship program for students who desire to pursue the aviation sector. All students in the globe are eligible for the scholarship, although the pilot training is at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in the United States.

Pilot training was entirely funded by the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA)

Another pilot training program that aids in giving scholarships to deserving high school students is this one. Additionally, the program’s annual foundation offers students who choose to enroll in the pilot training program funds totaling over $1 million.

Scholarship from the Air Line Pilots Association
Children of either medically retired, permanently incapacitated, or deceased pilot personnel are the major target audience for this pilot training program. However, the training program is only open to US citizens and legal residents. Additionally, they have a scholarship fund of about $12,000.

Black Aerospace Professionals Organization (OBAP)
Incorporated as a non-profit in 1976, OBAP. who wants to provide pilot training program participants full scholarships. Additionally, black students from anywhere in the globe are welcome to apply here as long as they manage to get a pilot’s license. 38 students receive $179,000 in awards each year as a result.

Fully funded pilot training scholarships for women in aviation

This group seeks to assist outstanding female high school students who wish to enroll in such an aviation program. Any female student from any country can complete this program’s pilot training. With a staggering $780,000, the fellowship for women in aviation is awarded to over 130 students and trainees.

Scholarships from the National Gay Pilot Association (NGPA)
This pilot training organization seeks to help aspiring pilots who are gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or lesbian. All students from across the world are eligible to apply to NGPA, which provides $6,000 in scholarship grants.

Another training company that sponsors young students in the pilot training program is Airways Aviation-Part Flight Training Sponsorship. Airways Aviation-Part Flight is giving out a scholarship for €35,000.

Program for Early Childhood Educators’ Scholarships
This initiative intends to prepare prospective pilots among the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program’s young students. Their program also provides a complete scholarship. The ages of the pupils they accept range from infants to college students.

Scholarships for Pilot Training completely Sponsored by The 99s
The 99s, a group of female pilots, offers scholarships to females enrolled in pilot training courses. However, this pilot training program is open to applicants from all around the world. Additionally, in this program, students of any level can apply for the whole scholarship.

GRCF Awarded by Joshua Esch Mitchell Scholarship
A US citizen who is enrolled in a pilot training program is required for this program. But in order to receive the whole scholarship, you must be a pilot student in your second year (with a pilot license). In addition to receiving a full scholarship, you will also get a $4,000 compensation.

Scholarship for National Aviation Explorers
The National Aviation Explorer program provides full scholarships to deserving students who wish to work in sectors associated with aviation. Students enrolled in pilot training programs are the only ones who are eligible for the award. Students from any other nation may also submit an application for a full scholarship.

The Guild of Pilots & Navigators was originally known as The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (GAPAN). However, this corporation annually awards full scholarships to participants in pilot training programs. Additionally, as long as they have obtained local accreditation, you are eligible to apply for the GAPAN scholarship from any nation.

LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships
Another sponsorship program attempts to offer complete scholarships to exceptional students who want to become pilots. Only US citizens or US permanent residents are eligible for the scholarship. A $9,000 scholarship is made available to participants in pilot training programs by LeRoy W. Homer Jr.

pilot training programs

In conclusion, we are aware that pilot training institutions are excessively expensive; that is why students should apply for a complete scholarship (you can pick from the above list). As a result, the organizations that grant complete scholarships to pilot students are included in this article.

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