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Are you aiming for UNICAL? This year, did you take the JAMB? Have you looked at your JAMB score? If your answer is affirmative, come on in and let me explain a lot to you about the UNICAL cut off mark 2022/2023. They claimed that knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for the worst and ultimately achieve the best.

You should be aware of a few facts regarding the University of Calabar’s cutoff score. Below, I’ll go over each one independently. The UNICAL cutoff point

UNICAL JAMB disconnected Mark.
A candidate must receive at least the UNICAL JAMB cut off mark in order to be considered for admission to the University of Calabar. JAMB score

The UNICAL post-UTME screening requires a minimum JAMB score of this value. Candidates with JAMB UTME scores of 140 or higher are accepted by the University of Calabar Unical.

Post-UTME cutoff for UNICAL
The UNICAL Post UTME cut off mark is the minimal score that candidates who met the UNICAL JAMB cut off mark and participated in the UNICAL Post UTME Screening should receive in the post UTME screening.

This is the lowest post-UTME score that can be taken into account for admission.

The cutoff mark for the UNICAL post-UTME as of the most recent 2021–2022 admissions year was 50%. That is, individuals who received a post-UTME screening score of at least 50 out of 100 were qualified for consideration for admission.

Below is the UNICAL post-UTME cut-off score for the most recent 2020–2021 admissions cycle. this will help you understand what I was describing earlier.

240 accounting merits

Region: 225
ELDs: 213


ELDs: 176
Region: 192
ELDS: 183
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: 235 points of merit
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Locality: 141, Merit: 218.5
ELDs: 138

Locality: 224; Merit: 252

222 Economics ELDs
Merit: 255
ELDs: 240 Locality: 245
English and education merit: 220
Merit: 240
Region: 232
Region: 190
ELDs: 176
History and international studies
Locality: 200 ELDs: 150 Merit: 215

LAW: 271.5 Merit Locality: 248

ELDs: 248
LANGUAGE: 241 Merit
ELDS:??? MED LAB SCI: Merit 254 Locality:245
MEDICAL AND SURGICAL: ELDs: 276 Locality: 291 Merit: 291
Merit: 210 Locality: 193 Microbiology
PHILOSOPHY: 215 Merits, 188 Localities, 170 ELDs
Physical attributes: 205 Merit, 188 Locality, and 179 Elds.
Political Science: 245 Merits, 225 Localities, 200 ELDs
ELDs in the area: 229
STATISTICS: Locality: 140; ELDs: 138; Merit: 150
MEDIA AND THEATER STUDIES: 270 Merit 246 Location
Zoology: 180 Merit; 163 Locality; 160 ELDs

General Performance:
General performance among candidates aspiring for that course in both the SSCE, JAMB and Post UTME: The better the performance, the higher the department’s admission cut off mark. The final admission cut off mark is derived from the following;

(Grade Points from the Relevant O’Level Subjects) WAEC/NECO/NABTEB GPA.
Between the post-Utme screening score and the JAMB score, average.
Admissions Cap

Admission quota for the department: The Nigerian University Commission assigns admission quotas to each department (NUC). For instance, if the department’s admission quota for medicine and surgery is 100, no matter the candidate’s score, the department will not accept any further applicants for admission after the slot is filled. In this instance, the university admits applicants in accordance with a merit system (from the best candidate down to where the quota becomes exhausted). Let’s just assume you get what I’m saying here.

Catchment Area: The University of Calabar, like every other federal university in Nigeria, gives preference to applicants from the catchment areas of the institution.
According to the Nigerian educational system, a catchment region is essentially the state that is, either geographically or racially, closest to your university. Consider that the Cross River States are states that are included in the UNICAL catchment area and that the University of Calabar is located in Calabar, Cross River State.

Currently, six states are included in the University of Calabar’s catchment area for applicants looking to enroll in this prestigious college. As previously said, applying to UNICAL is substantially simpler if you are from one of the aforementioned states of origin. which are
State of Akwa-Ibom
State of Bayelsa

Delta State, Cross River State
Rivers State, Edo State

2022–2023 UNICAL Cut Off Mark for All Departments
The entrance cut off point for the admission year 2022–2023 has not yet been made public by the University of Calabar, UNICAL. Never mind what you see on social media or other websites. Once the university announces the cutoff score for this year’s admission, we will update this page. WACE Result

Departmental cutoff for UNICAL: The most recent departmental cutoff for the 2021–2022 admissions year is listed below. the cutoff score and UNICAL courses.

PROGRAMME OF THE FACULTY DEPARTMENT CUT OFF POINT MERIT LOCALITY English and literary studies in the ELDS B.A. International Studies 230 220

Arts Theatre and Media Studies 235 220 215 B A Theatre and Media Studies
French 200 185 180 Arts Modern Languages And Translation Studies B.A. (Hons) 240 230 222 Arts English And Literary Studies B.A. (English & Literary Studies)

Studies In The Arts, Linguistics, And Communication

Language and Communication BA 225 215 205

Cultural & Religious Studies Religious and Cultural Studies 200 185 180 Bachelor’s
Arts Philosophy
210 185 180 Agric. Forestry & Wildlife Resources, Philosophy, B.A. Agric. Management, Economics, and Extension 190 180 180 B.Agric (Agric. Economics & Extension)

Animal Science 210 200 190 B. Agric. (Animal Science)
Agriculture, Forestry &Wlr Mgt. B. Agric (Soil Science) 220 185 180 Management Of Agriculture, Forestry, And Wildlife Resources
Resources Management for Forestry and Wildlife B.A. (Forestry & Wildlife) 200 195 190

Allied Medical Sciences Nursing Science Bachelor Of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc.) 240 225 215 Allied Medical Sciences Medical Laboratory Science B.Mls 235 222 215
240 230 222 Allied Medical Sciences Radiography & Radiological Sciences B.Sc.
B.Public Health (B.P.H.) in Allied Medical Sciences 210 190 180

B.Sc. Human Anatomy 210 190 180
Basic Sciences in Medicine
Biochemistry 210 200 195 Allied Medical Sciences Biochemistry B. Sc.
Biology 200 185 180 Physiology B.Sc.

Medical and clinical sciences

Mb.Bch 293 252 247
Adult learning and ongoing education
Adult Education 190 180 180 B.Ed.
Administration & Planning in Education
Education Educational Foundations, Guidance, and Counseling B.Ed in Educational Administration & Planning 210 185 180
Guidance and counseling in education 210 200 180

Blis 205 195 180 in library and information science
Human Kinetics and Health Education 200 190 180 B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics and Health Education
Business Education 210 200 180 Education Vocational And Special Education B.Sc (Ed)

Special Education And Vocational Education

Special Education B.Ed 190 180 180
Education Curriculum & Teaching English Education 235 215 204 Education Vocational And Special Education B.Sc (Ed) Agricultural Science Education 190 185 180
Social Studies Education Curriculum & Teaching 215 190 180 Education Curriculum & Teaching
Environmental Education 215 190 180; Education Geography 200 190 180; Education Curriculum & Teaching Elementary Education 200 190 180

Curriculum and Instruction Biology Education Chemistry 190 185 180 Education Curriculum & Teaching Education Chemistry 185 180 180 History of education 200 190 180

Curriculum & Teaching in Education

Economics and education 220 210 195
Curriculum & Teaching in Education
Education Curriculum & Teaching 220 210 195 Education Political Science
Education Curriculum & Teaching 190 180 180 Education Religion
Mathematical education 200 190 180
B(Hons) 269 260 255 in law
B.Sc. Accounting in Management Sciences 238 226 220
210 200 190 Management Sciences Banking & Finance B.Sc. Banking & Finance
Management Sciences Business Management B.Sc. Business Management 240 230 225 Management Sciences Marketing B.Sc. Marketing 200 185 180

Science Geology 215 205 200 Science Pure And Applied Chemistry Chemistry 190 180 180 Science Botany B.Sc. 190 180 180

Science 220 210 200 Math/Stats & Comp. Sc. Computer Science
Math/Stats in Science and Comp. Sc. Math/Stats 195 180 180
Science and Physics Applied Geophysics 210 185 180 Science and Physics Applied Physics 205 185 180 Science and Physics Applied Physics 200 180 180
Science Biotechnology and Genetics
Science Zoology & Environmental Biology 215 180 180 B.Sc. Genetics & Biotechnology 215 195 180
Social Sciences Sociology 235 225 220 Sociology B.Sc.

B.Sc. in Sociology, Social Work 215 200 185
Environmental science, geography, and social sciences
Social Sciences Geography and Environmental Science B.Sc. Geography and Environmental Science 220 207 195 Environmental Resources Management (Erm) 215 200 180

Administrative Sciences in the Social Sciences

200 190 180 B.Sc. Policy and Administrative Studies
Public Administration 235 227 220 Social Sciences Public Administration B.Sc.
Social Sciences Economics Economics 245 234 230 Economics B.Sc.
Political Science 235 225 220 Social Sciences Political Science Reasons UNICAL Admission is Highly Competitive

As a result of the intense competition for admission, the University of Calabar UNICAL final cut off mark is consistently high. One of Nigeria’s most well-known Federal Universities is the UNICAL.

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